Pandya Store 3 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Pandya Store Written Update 3 December 2022

The Episode begins with the hoodlum going into the Pandya house. Rishita requests that Dhara head inside, when Shweta comes in, then do what we arranged. Dhara asks is the fake weighty. Krish says Dev and I will come and lift that faker, you rests there, straightforward. Dhara says we will bring Shweta’s reality out, Raavi and Shiva will join together. They hold hands. Jankana requests that Shweta have food with them. Hari requests that Shweta go. Shweta says I will have food, else I need to rest hungry. Hari says you need to liquefy your mum’s heart, she ought to feel eager, then, at that point, she will concur. He gives her some food in the tiffin. He requests that she go. Shweta figures now mother will consent to sign the custodianship papers. Dhara goes into the house. She gets stunned seeing a criminal in the house. She says he has taken my sanctuary utensils. She races to grab the sack. He says I saw as nothing expensive, tell me, where do you keep the money.

Written Update Pandya Store Today Episode

Rishita says I will proceed to give this blood jug to Dhara. Dev requests that she stand by, Shweta could come. It begins roaring. Dhara battles with the hoodlum. He pushes her. She tumbles down. He runs first floor. She follows him. She stops him. He requests that she leave him. He shows the blade. She gets frightened. She says I have barely any familiarity with the adornments. He says you are misleading me. He cuts her. She shouts. Rishita stresses. Krish says Shweta didn’t head inside, for what reason did Dhara shout. The criminal takes off. Dhara tumbles down. Gautam comes. Rishita says perhaps Dhara shouted seeing a rodent, it works out. Criminal sees them remaining external the entryway. He remembers to divert them and prevent them from going into the house. He contends with them. They furiously beat him up. Rishita sees Shweta coming. They all stow away. Shweta goes into the house. Shweta sees Dhara and screams.Rishita requests that Dev and Krish leave that person. Shweta eliminates the blade from Dhara’s stomach. She attempts to turn on the lights. Other hoodlum comes and requests that the person come, their work is finished. Krish asks who were they, what’s their work. Rishita says leave it, Dhara got found out. Gautam says no, lights didn’t get on till presently, plan is on. Shweta turns on the lights. She tumbles down seeing Dhara. She says how did Dhara come here, who killed her.

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Dev says our arrangement tumbled. Krish says we will take a quick trip and see what occurred. Rishita goes in. She sees Shweta with Dhara. She yells Bhabhi… Everybody hears her. She requests that Dhara get up. She says you killed Dhara. Shweta is stunned. Rishita requests that Dhara get up. She thinks Dhara isn’t moving, did Shweta truly kill Dhara. She stresses and checks Dhara’s pulse.

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Shweta says mother, Dhara is no more, they are accusing me, save me. Rishita says her folks shouldn’t come, what will we do now. Suman and Shiva return home. Jankana says Shweta called and informed that Dhara got killed. Suman is shocked.

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