Pandya Store 30 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Pandya Store Written Update 30 January 2023

The Episode begins with the children turning off the lights. Dhara gets cheerful. Specialist requests that the man really look at the lights. Dev gets some information about Suman. Specialist requests that he deal with Suman. Dhara says thanks to him. She says we are bringing Suman back home. She expresses gratitude toward Bholenath and grins. Dev says Suman is in difficult condition, you are grinning. She says I m satisfying her last wish, she will get soul harmony. Dhara favors the person who has turned off the lights. Suman asks where did you leave the children. She acts. Rishita and Raavi stress for their children. They go to search for the children. Suman asks Shiva does your child get frightened. Dhara says we will bring Suman back home, she will get fine soon. Rishita asks Dev where is Shesh. Dev says he was inside. Raavi says even Mittu hasn’t arrived. The children fall and yell. Chiku says we can’t leave Shesh, we need to save him. They generally come and see Shesh. Dhara holds Shesh. The man turns on the power. Dhara says nothing occurred, and embraces them. Dev embraces Shesh. Raavi embraces Mittu. Shesh says Chiku and Mittu caused me to do this. Rishita requests that Dharaa get Chiku far from Shesh, anything might have occurred. Raavi says fend my Mittu off. Dhara chides Chiku.

Written Update Pandya Store Today Episode

Mittu says yet Shesh caused us to do this. Raavi requests that Rishita make sense of her child, not to menace anybody. The man admonishes them and requests that they get out. Dhara says sorry Rishita. Suman is taken to the emergency vehicle. She grins seeing her children. Dev requests that Dhara and Chiku come and sit inside. Dhara says no, we will stop by cart, all of you go. She goes. Rishita says time changed, however Dhara’s propensities didn’t change. Shiva asks what are you talking about. Raavi asks him not to get responsibility. Dhara calls the man and requests that he send two cabinets. Chiku says sorry. She asks how could you commit a major error. He says I did some naughtiness. Dhara request pizzas for the family. She arranges chaat too. She asks Chiku to avoid this next time. He says sorry, I will not do this again.Rishita requests that Shesh express sorry to Mittu. Shesh inquires as to why, that’s what chiku did. Raavi says Dhara destroyed our life, presently her child is demolishing our children’s lives. Shiva asks what did she ruin, we are together. Gautam says we will return home first and afterward sanctuary. Suman says no, first sanctuary, I generally ask that my family returns. He says yet your wellbeing. She says I will simply have darshan, take me to sanctuary. He says as you wish. He requests that the driver take them to the sanctuary first. Dhara sees the family getting back home. Raavi requests that Shiva come, its the ideal opportunity for his medication. Shiva says I will not have medication, I don’t see what’s going on. Raavi says you need to eat medication, else I will take care of the unpleasant medication to Mittu. Shiva says alright. Mittu requests that Shiva if it’s not too much trouble, pay attention to Raavi. Shiva concurs. Raavi takes him to their room. He eats the meds. He recollects their minutes. Dhara says have water, I will eat and tea. Rishita says we didn’t come to have food, however to meet mum. Suman and Gautam play out the puja. Suman drops the pot. A young lady holds the pot. She grins and helps them in the puja. The pantries get conveyed. Rishita asks what’s this. Dhara says I didn’t know you both have children, you will require cabinet to keep garments. Rishita says don’t think we came setting down deep roots until the end of time. Krish pays for the pizza. Dhara says until Suman gets fineā€¦ you are a piece of this family. Rishita and Raavi contend with Dhara. Dhara says we have no connection with anybody once Suman dies. Chiku requests that Shesh and Mittu play with marbles. Shiva awakens. They say we will play marbles. Shiva says its my marbles. Chiku says OK, its yours, could we at any point play with this. Shiva says I will likewise play and show you, come. Raavi says in the event that Suman bites the dust, you need to sell Pandya store and this house, you need to give our portion to us. Dhara is shocked.

Pandya Store 30 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Rishita says I will take my portion and go. Krish says give me my portion moreover. Shiva plays with the children. Raavi requests that Shiva rest. Dhara asks Raavi what has been going on with him. Raavi says you were the explanation. Shiva inquires as to for what reason are you crying. Raavi prevents Dhara from going to Shiva.


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