Pandya Store 30 November 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Pandya Store Written Update 30 November 2022

The Episode begins with Hari getting some information about Dhara and Raavi going out. Shiva cautions him. Gautam is dozing alone. Dev and Krish come there. They lie next to him. Shiva comes and sees them. He reviews Gautam and Shiva making it lights-out time for the children. He covers them with a sweeping and goes. Its morning, Shweta gets going in family errands. Rishita welcomes her morning. She strips the orange and tosses the strip on the floor. Shweta sees this and gets angry.

Written Update Pandya Store Today Episode

Rishita says I need to clean the floor, however I m protesting, you clean this and furthermore moist disposable cloth the floor, make breakfast for everybody, Suman is correct, she got a decent young lady as bahu, see every one of the relations changed with your coming. She goes. Shweta figures I ought to have made her take off from the house first. Dhara requests that Raavi have food. She says supplicate that Shweta’s reality emerges, I m going to the emergency clinic. Raavi says yet its no utilization, I got offended in that house, Shiva’s uncertainty will stay put. Dhara says Shiva is seeing what Shweta is showing him, when he knows reality, he will come running and apologize to you, we will return with all the regard, have food and meds, deal with Chiku. She leaves.Rishita prepares. She requests that Dev stay at home. She says I have a lot of devil work. He says I know, you are going on mission Shweta, Dhara let me know everything. She says its great, I love you. she embraces him. Shweta tosses the utensils out of frustration and says I have turned into a house keeper here. Shiva comes and requests some tea. She says OK, I will make it, what befell you, how could you get injured, I will do the emergency treatment, stand by. He reviews Raavi. She does the guide. He says leave it, get the tea. She says let me do this, I m like your more youthful sister, I realize you got yourself injured, in light of the fact that you have harmed Raavi, you both love each other a ton. Krish looks on. Shiva figures Dhara didn’t grasp me and gave me this aggravation, Shweta grasped my agony. She says I will get haldi milk for you, you will recuperate soon. Krish thinks Shweta acts a great deal, she broke his connection and presently she is doing his guide. Dhara and Rishita come to the medical clinic. The medical caretaker eats a cake. They get some information about Dr. Nitin. Nitin comes there and conceals his face. Nurture says he is behind you. They turn and don’t see him. Nurture says he went out, its his last day today.

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Rishita and Dhara run. Nurture asks what work did you have with him. Shweta says its most memorable day, I can’t accomplish this work, I will arrange food. She gets Nitin’s call. She inquires as to for what reason did you call. He says I m leaving the clinic, your Jethanis are tracking down me. She says they can’t get you. She says you will leave the nation, Raavi’s pregnancy truth will likewise go with you, I have played this game for cash, I care very little about anything, I will give your portion. Krish hears her. She says my folks gave Chiku’s custodianship to Dhara, I won’t allow Dhara to grab my freedoms. Krish thinks this is her actual face, I need to tell this to Dhara and Rishita. Dhara and Rishita see Nitin leaving in the vehicle. Dev consoles Chutki. He says Suman wouldn’t deal with Chutki, I got her to the store, is this right. Gautam grins. Dev says you are snickering. Shiva feels torment in his arm. Gautam prevents Dev from aiding Shiva. Krish comes and looks on. He helps Shiva. Rishita tosses the cake and chides the medical attendant. Nurture says this is Nitin’s goodbye cake, he is leaving today. Dhara asks is he going. Rishita says give me his location at this moment. Nurture says we can’t give the location, you came yesterday to do the show. Dhara says she continues to visit, she has an individual connection with Dr. Nitin, she sees Master in him, she adores him. Rishita says yes.

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Dhara fools the attendant and requests Nitin’s location. Nurture says sorry, I didn’t have a clue about her connection with Nitin, just sit back and relax, I will give you the location. She gives the location. Dhara expresses gratitude toward her. Nurture says he may be leaving the country. They get stunned. Nitin returns home and takes his identification. He packs his stuff.

Gautam and Dev get Nitin. They tumble down. Nitin escapes. Rishita lets some know plan and says Dhara needs to pass on. Everybody gets shocked.

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