Pandya Store 31 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Pandya Store Written Update 31 December 2022

The Episode begins with Shweta coming in the path, moving on the melody Aapka kya hoga… She appropriates the handouts. She declares the offer of Pandya store. Rishita contends with Dhara. Dhara says you believe that I should ask to everybody, I didn’t do this purposefully, I m sorry, no one’s perfect, you likewise committed an error, your supervisor bamboozled you and we needed to contract the house, I didn’t reprove you, I realized you didn’t do this deliberately, we as a whole attempted to find a solution.

Written Update Pandya Store Today Episode

They all hear Shweta’s declaration. They rush out and get stunned seeing the banners on the wall. They blow up. Shiva recalls all that and gets miserable. The family unfortunately watches Shweta’s theatrics. Rishita says Shweta will sell our store and go until we track down an answer. Raavi comes to Shiva. He says its not Dhara’s misstep, its Shweta’s error, but rather Dhara got accused. Raavi says I have a way, Dhara can take Chiku’s cash and get our shop back. Shweta says whoever has 50 lakhs can come and purchase the store. Dev blows up. She runs and says don’t contact. Dev cautions everybody against purchasing the Pandya store. He says our Pandya store isn’t discounted. Individuals insult Pandyas.Krish yells on Jeetu. Jeetu runs. Krish sees the banners on the wall. Everybody eliminates it. Shweta leaves from that point, making a similar declaration. Shiva says Dhara will not concur for this. Raavi asks how, she cherishes you a ton, in the event that you persuade her, she will concur. He says I can’t do this, I won’t let anything know that disturbs her. She reminds his commitment and requests that he think. Individuals discuss Pandya store deal. Gautam says I don’t grasp about the assets. Dhara says we have quite recently 2.5 lakhs, we spent the reserve funds in Krish’s marriage. Rishita says don’t feel terrible Krish, Dhara implies that we would have not confronted this day in the event that the cash wasn’t spent in your marriage. Shweta and Jeetu open the store. Gautam asks Krish and Rishita not to contend. Dhara says we need to pay 1.5 lakhs in Chutki’s shared assets, Dev has prepared papers, another 1 lakh is for clinical protection of Suman, Raavi and Rishita. Krish says we can get protection later. Rishita contends and says I need the clinical protection today itself. Suman says you make the protection installment first. Dhara says OK, we will make it happen, I have some adornments, we will sell it and move past 5 lakhs. Dev says no, we won’t sell your gems for cash, we will discover another arrangement. Krish says no, you keep it. Gautam says we need to begin some place, I couldn’t care less in the event that Dhara simply has a dark string in her neck, we need to get back Pandya store. Shweta says until they organize the cash, I will sell the stop and go. She stalls the banner out on her back.

Pandya Store 27Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Dhara says I have made an arrangement and cheat Shweta. Rishita says I have no faith in your arrangement, on the off chance that you conclude anything by conflicting with us, I will take off from this house, you stay alone and take choices alone.


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