Pandya Store 5 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode 8 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Pandya Store 5 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Written Update 8 february 2023

The Episode begins with Prerna saying I know a delicate Krish, who loves and really focuses on everybody, for what reason did you get so harsh than you can’t keep your debilitated mother’s desire. Suman says we will persuade Krish by Prerna’s assistance, you persuade Raavi and Rishita by taking Shesh, Shiva and Mittu’s assistance. Dhara says no need of them. Suman says no, they can’t get persuaded, my children are silly. Gautam says I can’t deal with the store alone, I fell alone, I need to close this store, tell me, what mix-up did I do that all of you left me. Dev gets miserable. Krish consents to Prerna. She says I will deal with everything with Dhara. The two of them admit love to one another. She kisses and embraces him. Shesh calls Chiku and Mittu to play. Suman grins. Gautam staggers. Dev holds him. Gautam says I m fine, you three are my help, strength, I m frail without you three. Dev requests that he quit drinking, individuals are exploiting your inebriation, you instructed us that business is the greatest Dharm. Gautam says I additionally instructed you that you shouldn’t break the family. Dev gets miserable and leaves. A client comes and requests rice. Gautam wears Shiva’s glove and goes to give the rice. The man says I realize you are feeling the loss of your brothers.

Written Update Pandya Store 5 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Today Episode

Rishita gets a call from the school. The woman says your confirmation is dropped, you didn’t finish the charge installment, and we aren’t responsible to repay the half installment. Rishita lashes out on Dev. Shweta is en route to the medical clinic with Chutki. Dhara comes to inform Rishita regarding Krish’s commitment. Rishita chides her. Dhara requests that she if it’s not too much trouble, remain back for one day. Raavi is ready to come in case of an emergency. She says I will arrive in a couple of days. She gathers her sack. Dhara requests that Raavi stay back for one day for Krish’s commitment. Raavi says fine, only one day. Dhara says as you wish. Dhara goes to Suman and says I persuaded Raavi, I have barely any familiarity with Rishita. Suman says we will track down a reason to stop them tomorrow. The children play out and about. The attorney comes and requests Krish. Mittu says Krish isn’t at home. The man says you are so charming and pulls his cheek. Shesh beats him. Chiku asks what work you have with Krish. The attorney says give these papers to Krish, its imp.Shweta arrives at the clinic. She requests that Chutki sit. She says you have fever. Shesh says this seems to be a test paper, for what reason will we give these papers to Krish, we will make a plane. Chiku says OK, I will show you, come. Prerna calls Dhara and says Krish concurred, you start arrangements now. Dhara expresses gratitude for giving this uplifting news, return home this evening, I will prepare you. Prerna says that is sweet, yet I will come tomorrow. Dhara says thanks to her. Prerna says Suman is my mum likewise, don’t say thanks to me. Suman says joy can get back home after quite a while. Dhara says I won’t allow the family to break. Suman says I will not pardon you on the off chance that you do anything wrong. Dhara says I know, I will take kids for shopping first. Suman says I miss Chutki. Specialist says this is truly significant, we need to do her activity quickly. Shweta says yet its expense. He says OK, I will tell the financial plan, it will cost a min of 25 lakhs. Suman misses Chutki.

Pandya Store 8 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Dhara says I trust Somnath, he will get our Chutki back. Shweta says I will see what I can do. Chutki asks what activity is he referring to. Dhara comes to the children and get some information about the paper. Shesh stops her and contends. Chiku safeguards Dhara and battles with him. Dhara stops him. She says you both are siblings, siblings support one another, they don’t battle. Shesh inquires as to for what reason does my father avoid his siblings, do you have any response. Suman looks on. Dhara requests that Mittu call her Badimaa. Mittu inquires as to why. Dhara says I m senior to your mum. Suman says even children realize their fathers don’t remain with the family. Dhara says the house looks blissful on account of the children. Suman asks yet for how long, we need to think, what to do, consider something. Dhara says I will do something.

Pandya Store 5 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Latest Spoiler Alerts 8 february 2023

Dhara says I guarantee, I won’t let Raavi and Rishita go, I need to keep a condition, in the event that the three siblings stay back, you will acknowledge Chiku. Chiku hears this.

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