Pandya Store 6 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode 9 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Pandya Store 6 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Written Update 9 february 2023

The Episode begins with Krish saying we ought to return to Canada. Prerna says your family is so great. He expresses my past is connected with this spot, you can’t comprehend. She asks past or Shweta, she is a shut part of your life, she is gone now, she isn’t there in your life any longer. He says until I stay here, this part can never close, anything wrong occurred in my home, Shweta is answerable for that, I can see Shweta wherever in the issues of these relatives, how will I respond, I m frightened to remain there, I can’t see Chutki there, I see Suman seeing Chiku with contempt, I m taking off due to the recollections. Prerna says I will recuperate your injury, allow me an opportunity. He says wounds will not recuperate until we get Chutki.

Written Update Pandya Store 6 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Today Episode

She says we will attempt to see as her. He says don’t give us a misleading expectation. She says you can continue on the off chance that you need. He says I have continued on. Dhara comes there. Krish figures the reason why does Dhara come before me generally, simply ease up my heart by saying you said wrong that day, it wasn’t my mix-up, you are my mum, right. Dhara asks did you say anything. He says no. She requests that he keep some cash. He inquires as to why, I m not pointless now, I bring in cash. She says kids are generally youngsters for guardians, Gautam will likewise need to burn through cash in your new beginning of life, save this cash for commitment garments and ring, I might have it, yet Krish’s decision has changed. Prerna says its now a lot. Dhara says keep it, I had an opportunity to spend on kids after quite a while. She cries and leaves. Krish says she generally does this, she admonished me such a lot of that I went out, she didn’t embrace me and say she fouled up, she just gave cash and left. Prerna says you respect her mother, for what reason do you maintain that she should say sorry, my mother likewise reproved me a ton of times, she never say sorry, guardians and kids’ connection doesn’t rely upon the sorry custom, is it right to save distance between relations for one grieved. Suman searches for everybody. She plays the dhol and declares Krish’s commitment. She requests that everybody dance. Dhara and Chiku come. Suman requests that they dance and celebrate. Dhara and Chiku dance. Mittu and Shesh come to move. Raavi and Rishita come and take their children. Its morning, Dhara gets the things from market. Gautam gets back home alcoholic. She says today Krish’s commitment and he began it toward the beginning of the day, how might I make sense of you. Gautam checks the blossoms out. He asks what are you doing, you will demolish all that like you destroyed this house. He requests that she leave her. She says I will get new festoons from the market, you will remain in faculties in the commitment. He asks am I not cognizant now, you need to affront me, you broke my home. She requests that Chiku remove Gautam. Once more, chiku comes and says… Dhara says you see himself. Gautam asks what. Chiku says come, I will show you. Gautam kisses him and says hold my finger and take me. Chiku grins and takes him.Dhara sees Rishita reprimanding the school staff available to come in to work. Rishita yells and says I will get my cash back, I m Rishita Pandya, I will sue my folks. She tosses something. Dhara gets saved from getting injured. Dhara asks what occurred, are you stressed, will I help. Rishita says I m not keen on talking about my concern with you, don’t do this show. Dhara begins beautifications. She requests that Raavi help. Raavi leaves.

Pandya Store 9 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Suman sees the television program. The children come there and see the bowl of chips. Suman says I loved the old young lady, how could they eliminate her from the show, she would be of Chutki’s age. Dhara says how might I stop them. Raavi says we have no garments to wear, Mittu ought to wear new garments. Dhara hears the children wanting to take the chips. She pulls Chiku’s ears. She requests that they leave. Dhara says I will give chips later, go out and play. Rishita says I won’t actually enjoy the commitment. Raavi says Dhara requested that we pursue commitment. Rishita says you actually pay attention to her, I won’t remain. Raavi says I would rather not stay, yet.. Rishita asks what occurred. Raavi requests Dev and Shesh’s garments for Shiva and Mittu. She says our garments are old, we have no the means to purchase new garments to wear in the capability. Rishita gives the garments for Raavi too. Raavi requests me? Rishita says keep it, the three arrangement of garments are new. Chutki asks are we heading off to some place. Shweta says we need to get your activity done.

Pandya Store 6 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Latest Spoiler Alerts 9 february 2023

Chutki says you are having an issue since I m not doing a network program. Rishita says I can’t remain here. Raavi says I m here only for Suman. Rishita says Shesh’s life experience school isn’t discounting the cash. Shweta says all will be great when we have cash, we will have loads of cash soon. Chutki says I love you. Shweta says I love you as well. She gets frozen yogurt for her. She says I need to go to Somnath now.

Dhara says I guarantee, Rishita and Raavi won’t go today. Suman says stop them someway. Dhara says in the event that they stay back, you need to acknowledge Chiku and become his Dadi. Chiku hears this.

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