Pandya Store 6 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Pandya Store Written Update 6 January 2023

The Episode begins with Suman saying you are almost ending my life. She gets some record from the pantry. Dhara and Gautam get miserable. Shweta goes to partake in the food in a cafĂ©. She hears a child crying. She says Dhara has come here to inconvenience me, Chiku is crying, I will break Dhara’s head today. She sees another person and says sorry. She reviews Chiku. She says no, I can’t miss Chiku. Dev gets a call. The man says you need to join tomorrow. Dev says I really want three days atleast. The man says you need to join tomorrow else leave the work. Dev says fine, I will come. Dhara and Gautam give the house papers record to the man. The man says your papers aren’t enlisted, your papers ought to be advanced, give me your father’s passing certificate.

Written Update Pandya Store Today Episode

Dhara says we didn’t require that report previously. He says you didn’t consider selling the house previously. He requests that Gautam call him. Dev says you ought to have given the demise declaration, for what reason are you getting so late. Rishita requests the passing authentication. Gautam reviews Suman requesting that he tear the demise authentication and toss it, she would rather not see it of all time. Gautam kept the demise endorsement behind Darshan’s pic. He says its not at home, its in Pandya store, its behind father’s pic inside the edge, mum used to see it and cry, so I guarded it there. Rishita asks how might we get it. Dhara asks what will we do now. Shiva says we will proceed to break the store lock, we will get the edge. Gautam says no, we simply need the store back, we don’t need to welcome issues. Shweta says I couldn’t care less about the store, I need to sell it and go. A client comes to purchase tea powder. She requests that he purchase the store. He inquires as to for what reason will I purchase the store, I need tea powder. She requests that he get out. Krish comes and conveys the food. She insults him and requests that he document the separation soon. He says I m simply taking care of my responsibilities, not duping anybody like you, I m not embarrassed. Everybody contends in the family. Shweta says you have become Gyani Krish baba, feel youthful, chill throughout everyday life. Krish and Shweta contend. Rishita says Shweta will sell even the passing endorsement assuming that she knows its worth. Dhara requests that she give some smart thought, else shut up. Krish requests that Shweta keep the change.Suman requests that Rishita converse with Dhara well. Rishita says she is talking kiddish, when Shweta knows this, she won’t give us the passing declaration, she will request that we make her a candidate, she is as yet our bahu, she will demolish our arrangement. She says we will lose the store and furthermore this house. Shweta says the pizza is so great. Krish kids about the toxin in the pizza. Shweta hacks and heads out to vomit. He requests that she have water. She chides him. He gets a call.

Pandya Store 6 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Suman requests that everything’s the need say to about the demise endorsement, then tell about the pic outline. Dhara says I will call Krish and request that he get the pic. Raavi says on the off chance that he tells our arrangement, how will we respond. Shiva says we must choose between limited options now. Krish takes a few concrete and tosses over Shweta’s store nameboard. Shweta blows up. They contend. Dhara calls Krish and says you need to proceed to get father’s pic from the store, it has father’s demise testament, we need to get the property moved to mum’s name, just you can accomplish this work, you can make it happen, I trust you. Krish says yes.

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Shweta requests that he get out. Krish aggravates her. He figures how might I go inside at this point. She gets a call. He purchases a phony snake. Shweta says I can’t believe them, they need me to die.

Krish sees Shweta going. She comes and requests that he leave. He yells snake. She shouts. He says don’t take pressure, I will save you, we are still a couple. He takes her external the store, and expresses stay here. She asks. Dhara wishes Krish accomplishes the work. Rishita insults her arrangements. Krish takes the pic frame.

The man comes and says you forgot your 50rs. Krish says take this snake and disappear. Shweta hears this and chastens him. She says you are taking the pic from my shop. Dhara prays.

Dhara takes Darshan’s pic. Shweta says shock, you need to go to prison now. Dhara gets imprisoned. Rishita admonishes Dhara. Gautam protects Dhara. Dev says Chutki is in the police headquarters due to Dhara.

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