Pandya Store 8 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Pandya Store Written Update 8 December 2022

The Episode begins with Shiva yelling and chastening Shweta. He says I won’t leave you. Krish stops Shiva and asks him not to take regulation in his grasp. Dhara thinks I let you know Shiva, you will lament a great deal when you know the reality of the situation, it’s the perfect opportunity to bring Raavi home. Jankan a swoons down. Hari goes to her. Gautam says I think Kaki is in shock. He eliminates his facial hair. Suman asks when did you join police. He says I m in this getup to cause Shweta to acknowledge reality. Hari says Jankana’s body is getting cold, she is high BP patient, all of you will be mindful assuming that anything happens to her. He flies off the handle on Shweta. Raavi is strained at home. Dhara comes crying. Raavi asks did Shweta rehash anything, for what reason are you crying, tell me. Dhara says you accompany me and see. She takes the children. She says Shweta has acknowledged her wrongdoing, your personality got spotless. Raavi says I would rather not go there, that house isn’t mine. Dhara says recently come and perceive how their insight changes. Raavi says Shweta’s reality emerged, they got to realize it was not my error, and still, at the end of the day I would rather not come. Dhara says I need to see Shweta leaving, come. Specialist treats Jankana and says don’t give her pressure. Shiva says it’s a joke, her girl has demolished our life. Jankana chastens Shweta. Dhara brings Raavi home. Shiva says Krish, call the police, else I will take the matter in my grasp. Gautam says let the law accomplish the work. Shweta holds Krish’s hand. Krish requests that she get away.

Written Update Pandya Store Today Episode

Raavi says I m seeing Krish so furious interestingly after Kirti’s matter. Dhara says he will not do her aarti, Shweta enjoys taken benefit of our integrity. Jankana says she ought to be rebuffed. She is sorry to them. Shiva says enough, she destroyed my life, she can’t be pardoned, only for cash which doesn’t make any difference to us. Raavi says I don’t have the foggiest idea how could a lady do this with another lady. Shweta sees Dhara and Raavi. Suman grins seeing them back. Rishita says police got her companion Dr. Nitin, don’t stress Raavi. Raavi says I wish to slap her and toss her out. Suman says Dhara is alive, see, all of you knew it and didn’t tell me. Jankana falls in Dhara’s feet and apologizes. She says its great that you’re not a mum, its smarter to be childless than having such a kid, I planned to sign custodianship papers today by coming in the most natural sounding way for her, I was questioning you, its great reality emerged and I didn’t do this mix-up, you handle Chiku and raise him, don’t allow Shweta’s shadow to fall over him, when he gets some information about his mum, let him know that she died.Shweta figures I will show them now. Suman requests that Dhara and Raavi come inside. They stand at the entryway. Shweta runs higher up. Rishita requests that Krish get her. Shweta hangs down the railing. Everybody is stunned. Dhara says in the event that anything happens to her, we will get accused, follow through with something, Krish pull her hand. Shweta asks him not to come close, she will bounce and he will get accused. Krish attempts to hold her. Dev says the railing got a break, it will break. Krish requests that Shweta come up, she will fall. Shiva says let her tumble down. Suman requests that Krish get back, Shweta ought to get rebuffed. Rishita says we will get imprisoned. Dhara requests that they get sheets. Rishita runs and gets it. They hold the sheets. Shweta says I won’t hop down. Suman requests Jankana to see the qualities from Pandya esteem, Shweta accomplished such a great deal still they all are attempting to save her. Everybody stresses for Shweta. Shweta says you will make me tumble down, I know. Rishita says we are morons to save you. Shweta falls down.

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Shiva calls the police. Shweta breaks his telephone. She admonishes the family. She says Krish wedded me to give Chiku to Dhara. He says OK, I don’t figure I did anything wrong.

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