Pandya Store 9 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Pandya Store Written Update 9 December 2022

The Episode begins with Shweta reproving Dhara. Dhara says I feel sorry for your reasoning. Shweta says all of you are against me, you figure I will get powerless, I m not frail, I didn’t go higher up to kick the bucket yet to take Chiku’s garments, I will perceive the way you make me out, I m the bahu of this house, I m Krish’s significant other. Shiva chides her. She says I will perceive the way you get me captured, Chiku will remain with me, I will call police. Suman says we have humankind in us, get out, you won’t take Chiku with you, you demolished our home. Jankana chastens Shweta. Shweta says I would rather not keep connection with you, you’re bad guardians. She yells on everybody. Suman says we aren’t terrible like you, we allowed you numerous opportunities in the wake of knowing your reality, escape my home. Shweta says you are their mum, how did you help them, you generally reprimand them when they commit a little error. She contends with Suman.

Written Update Pandya Store Today Episode

She says you have removed Dhara and Raavi for the love towards one of your child. She requests that Suman call the police. Suman says I can call the police, yet I would rather not unveil the show. Jankana says I concur with Suman, you will demolish their loved ones. Shweta says I m off-base, right, I will show you. She gathers her packs. Rishita says don’t story Chiku along. Shweta requests that she proceed to deal with Chutki. Rishita says I m not Dhara, converse with me well. Shweta says you are additionally stupid like her. Shweta gets leaving. Jankana says wouldn’t even play with the possibility of contacting Chiku. Shweta inquires as to why, he is my child, you can’t grab my freedoms. Dhara cries and says Gautam, ask Shweta not to take Chiku.Gautam asks Shweta to avoid this, let Chiku stay here. Shweta inquires as to why, you get your own kid to bring up kids. Dhara cries. Shiva asks how can you converse with Gautam. Shweta says Chiku is my kid, I can keep him anyplace, who are you to tell me, you figure I will pay attention to you, nobody pays attention to you in this family, you are only senior for saying, however you pay attention to your better half, you are visually impaired in her adoration. She requests that Krish say something. Krish says I will send you legal documents, sign it with next to no show, send me your location when I call you. Dev says Shweta… Shweta jokes on him and requests that he serenade Rishita’s name.

Pandya Store 5Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Rishita lashes out. Yet again shweta says Shiva is actually a blockhead, you love Raavi a ton, yet one flash of uncertainty has destroyed your connection, you can’t confide in anybody, I m letting you know all, every one of the issues happened due to Dhara, in the event that Dhara didn’t take Chiku’s custodianship papers, then there would enjoy been harmony and joy in the house. Dhara says you ought to have taken the cash. Shweta says compelling reason need to do this show, you are as yet embracing the child, in view of whom your whole family broke. She grabs Chiku from Dhara. Dhara says don’t take him. Shweta says I m appearance him his place. Dhara says you need to take him to rebuff me. Shweta says I will do what I need. Krish says you have consistently done that. He requests that Dhara let her take Chiku, nobody will give her cash seeing her face. Shweta says OK, right, my mother and father didn’t give me cash, presently I will utilize him and make him ask. They all get shocked.

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Shweta says I will remain on streets with him. She leaves with Chiku. Dhara pursues her. Shiva sees Raavi. Gautam gets Dhara back. Suman expresses enough of Chiku’s theatrics, handle your family now. Dhara goes into the house, and holds Raavi’s hand. Raavi doesn’t come in. She says I won’t come inside.

Raavi says I broke connection with Pandya family, it occurred as you needed. She tells this to Shweta. Shiva apologizes to Dhara. Dhara remembers to track down an answer for join Raavi and Shiva’s relation.

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