Pandya store Written Update Today Episode 26 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Pandya store Written Update Today Episode Written Update 26 December 2022

The Episode begins with Raavi snickering. She says I snickered on hearing that the family are close to home nitwits. Rishita says OK, I genuinely want to believe that they do everything right. Suman and everybody actually take a look at the papers. Shweta stresses. She says Chiku is having fever, follow through with something, his fever is getting high. Dhara surges. Shweta asks what has been going on with him. Dhara reproves her. Legal advisor requests that they contend later and sign the papers quick. Suman requests that they sign and finish it. Shweta says you are the main individual reasonable. They generally sign the papers. Dhara says you have made him wear a lot of garments, take off the socks. Shweta says its fine, I will do, you check in the event that everybody has marked. She takes off the socks. They see the onion. Shweta begins accusing Kaki. She requests that Kaki take Chiku and not give him to anybody. She signs the papers.

Written Update Pandya store 21St December 2022 Written Update Today Episode Today Episode

Jankana says Hari, Reena let me know that Shweta is leaving all that and going, she asked Pandyas for 25 lakhs. Gautam gives the cash to Shweta. Suman expresses its there, we are not criminals. Shweta says OK. Raavi and Rishita finish the house. Everybody gets back. Jankana and Hari come to Pandya house with Chiku. Jankana says Shweta went out… . I m leaving all that and disappearing. Jankana says we believe that Chiku should remain with you, perhaps we likewise can’t give him such love. Dhara gets Chiku. Jankana and Hari leave. Suman says we got Chiku. They chuckle. They come to the entryway. Raavi and Rishita play dhol and welcome them.Suman does their aarti and invites them. Dhara grins seeing the embellishments to invite Chiku. Jeevan ka yeh pahiya… .plays… They all dance. Suman says Chiku has fever, we don’t have any idea when they gave him medication. Dhara says I didn’t have fortitude to say this. Rishita asks did the party get dropped. Krish asks will I call the visitors or not. Dhara says drop it. Gautam really takes a look at the temperature. Dhara says we will show him to the specialist. Dhara and Gautam meet the specialist and take drugs for Chiku. They return home, and hear everybody calling the visitors to welcome. Dhara says this is the significance of family, presently I feel for what reason was I weeping for my child, when I had them. Gautam says I ought to feel regretful for questioning them, they are my pride. They all get close to home. They all embrace Gautam. Shiva says you are correct, I love you. Yaadon ki baraat… .plays… Suman smiles.

Pandya Store 21St December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Shweta gets back home and welcomes. She requests that the men put her name board on the store. Pandyas are stunned. Dhara says I didn’t realize we need to follow through on such a major cost for Chiku. Rishita says and still, at the end of the day you would have done this, where are the papers. Dhara cries.

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