Parineeti 13 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Parineeti Written Update 13 January 2023

Scene 1
Rajiv tells Neeti it implies they have secured Pari in a casket and I heard some congregation music so she is there yet in which church? The reviewer calls him and says we have followed her area, come there. Rajiv takes a stab at calling Pari yet her telephone is off. Monty says lets simply go there.

Written Update Parineeti Today Episode

Leo is furious and says I got offended interestingly and I was unable to follow through with my task interestingly so I won’t extra this Pari.Rajiv, Neeti and Monty are going to the congregation. Neeti reviews her fellowship with Pari while Rajiv reviews his minutes with her. Both are stressed for her. They show up external the congregation however its pouring vigorously so Rajiv requests that she sit in the vehicle, their child is significant as well. Neeti sits in the vehicle while Rajiv and Monty search for Pari in the cemetery. Rajiv cries and says she thoroughly took care of me, I was unable to regard her adoration and she is in this condition as a result of me. He breakdowns and cries. Otherside Neeti sobs for Pari and says I will not have the option to live without her. Rajiv is glancing near and sees as a new grave, he begins digging it and tracks down a casket. He opens it and sees it covered with mud. She digs it and finds Pari lying inside. He brings her out and requests that she awaken, he says all is well. He gives her CPR and requests that she open her eyes. Pari awakens and is astonished to see him. Neeti comes there and sees that. She sees them holding one another. Rajiv inquires as to whether she is alright? She says OK, would you say you are alright? Rajiv says I’m OK, on the off chance that anything had happened to you then I wouldn’t have the option to excuse myself. Pari asks where could Neeti be? Rajiv says she is alright? Pari pivots and sees Neeti remaining there. Pari says Neeti? Neeti hurries to her and inquires as to whether she is alright? they embrace one another and cry. Neeti says I let you know I won’t allow anything to happen to you, I am so glad to see you fine. Pari says nothing can happen to us when we are together. Neeti embraces her and cries. Rajiv thinks I divided them as their miscreant, I annihilated their lives. Neeti expresses gratitude toward Sanju for saving her life and says I will always remember this blessing, I will give anything in return for this blessing, you could actually look for my life. Rajiv says Pari is something to me too. Pari looks at him. Leo comes there and sees them. He says my main goal flopped interestingly in view of this young lady, this young lady has best of luck as she bombed the demise however the game hasn’t finished at this point. He focuses a weapon at Pari while stowing away and is going to shoot her however Neeti remains before Pari. Leo sees them leaving and is going to shoot Pari however the police show up there. They capture him in time. Rajiv sees him. Leo lets Pari know that I won’t extra you, you need to pass on when I return. Rajiv thanks the overseer. The overseer says this man will decay in the prison, they remove him. Pari says thanks to Rajiv and Neeti. Neeti says Sanju saved your life, he is a genuine legend. Rajiv says I’m nothing without you Neeti, you are my solidarity, he inquires as to whether the child is fine? Neeti says our child realized we were determined to save their auntie, our child realizes that their auntie is significant as much as the child. She embraces Rajiv while Pari turns away. She begins leaving however Rajiv holds her hand while embracing Neeti. He unfortunately takes a gander at her.

Parineeti 13 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Biji and the family say thanks to God for saving Pari. Babli says your requests let nothing happen to her. Biji says I was so stressed, when Pari returns then I won’t let her avoid me briefly. I have such a lot of affection toward her and I wish Rajiv would cherish her so they will give me a child. Pami says God will pay attention to your requests. Gurvinder thinks this young lady won’t ever pass on. Biji is sitting tight for them, she says we will do their aarti. I won’t quiet down till she returns. Pami says you shouldn’t remain on the entryway, you will get drained. Biji says I will remain here till they return. Rajiv, Pari, Neeti and Monty return home. Biji embraces Pari and says say thanks to God you are alright. Rajiv says she is alright, your requests are with us. Biji cries and murmurs to Pami for what reason is Neeti remaining with them? Pami says simply do the aarti. Biji does Pari and Rajiv’s aarti while Neeti looks on.

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The episode ends.

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