Parineeti 14 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Parineeti Written Update 14 December 2022

Scene 1
Neeti calls Rajiv and hears the chime ringing from Monty’s room. She goes there and tracks down him with Monty. Neeti gets out whatever would you say you are doing here? Rajiv says you were calling me? Neeti says for what reason didn’t you accept my call? Rajiv says I was working with Monty. Neeti asks where could that photograph be? I was unable to track down it in Pari’s room. Monty says it’s finished. Neeti sees his PC and tracks down Rajiv-Pari’s photograph there. Pari comes there as well. Neeti asks who is the third man in the photograph? Rajiv says you consider yourself Pari’s companion and you don’t have a clue about this individual? He requests that Pari let her who know that man is. Pari is stunned to see that the altered the photograph. Pari says this is Rajiv. Neeti says this is Rajiv? Rajiv says OK. Neeti gets out whatever was Rajiv doing with you? where could I have been? when did you snap this picture? Rajiv says I know him as we carry on with work together. He called me to his wedding. Neeti inquires as to whether he is coming clean? Rajiv says you have zero faith in me? Pari says OK, Sanju has met him previously, I didn’t tell you since you were not in the city. Neeti is stunned and thinks I questioned Pari-Sanju without knowing reality. Pari asks what was the deal? Neeti says I’m embarrassed about myself for questioning you, I did a major sin. Pari says don’t cry. Neeti says I shouldn’t have questioned you both. Pari says we are companions, don’t apologize. She embraces her and says you are my life, don’t cry. Neeti tells Rajiv that I am grieved. Rajiv says sorry won’t work. Neeti gets out whatever might I at any point do? Rajiv says you need to show love to me. Neeti grins. Pari leaves from that point. Rajiv requests that Neeti proceed to rest. She leaves. Rajiv embraces Monty and says you saved me today. Monty says I can’t continue to save you all the time.

Written Update Parineeti Today Episode

Scene 2
Pari comes to her room and expresses gratitude toward God for all that, she says who was that man? Rajiv comes there and says I’m heartbroken, I snapped the picture. I utilized my companion Vishal’s photograph as Rajiv to show to Neeti. Vishal isn’t in India so we don’t need to stress over him meeting with Neeti. Pari gestures. Rajiv says thank you for aiding me. Pari says I have let you know commonly that I am doing this for Neeti, its my weakness that I need to do this with you any other way I could never agree with your stance. Rajiv gestures and leaves.Rajiv comes to his room and behaves like overlooking Neeti. Neeti attempts to apologize yet he goes to wash up. Neeti says I shouldn’t have questioned him, I need to follow through with something. She gets a thought. She composes ‘I’m sorry’ letter and goes it through the washroom. He composes back ‘No’. Neeti attempts to appease him by sending notes yet he doesn’t answer her. Neeti says kindly pardon me. Rajiv emerges from the shower and embraces her. Neeti grins and hits the dance floor with him. Rajiv and Neeti lie in the bed. Rajiv says I love you and could never break your trust. Neeti embraces him and says I love you.

Parineeti 9Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Pari is lying alone in the bed and reviews Rajiv saying the amount he adores Neeti. She says I shouldn’t remain here for a really long time. Neeti can’t track down reality. She will break her fellowship with me as she cherishes Sanju a ton. She could never leave Sanju for anybody. The Neeti who never questioned me saw me with Rajiv 2-3 times and got desirous of us. She questioned me, I can’t lose Neeti, I need to leave. Pami comes there and says you are as yet conscious? You can’t conceal this from Neeti for a really long time. Pari says that is the reason I need to go yet destiny keeps me here. Pami says since you have a relationship with us. What will you do throughout everyday life? Pari says I simply need to make everything appropriate for Neeti and afterward I will ponder myself. Additionally, Rajiv probably won’t adore however I cherished him profoundly so contemplating cherishing another person is hard to ponder. Pami says I’m certain you will get a caring accomplice. Pari embraces her and cries.

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The episode ends.

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