Parineeti 16 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Parineeti Written Update 16 January 2023

Scene 1
Pami comes to Pari and sees her crying, she asks what was the deal? Pari says I can’t bear this any longer, I can’t see Rajiv with another person and afterward I get miserable that its Neeti and not another person with him, they are glad so I can’t remain here any longer. I needed to bear such a lot of torment throughout everyday life except I can’t bear this aggravation any longer, I can give my life for Neeti yet sharing an individual that I gave myself completely to.. I can’t do that. Pami requests that she quiet down. Pari says no, I can’t bear this, I needed to see my better half turned into a spouse to my dearest companion, them having a child together, being content.. I have no solidarity to see this any longer. Pami asks what happened unexpectedly? Pari says I generally adored Rajiv yet I was attempting to stifle it however at that point seeing him save me from Rakesh, he accomplished such a great deal for myself and gave me another life, I recognized tears easily for him so how might I persuade myself that he isn’t made for myself and he cherishes Neeti and not me. Pami embraces her and says I will request that you have some persistence, God won’t step through your examination more than you bear, I confide in God so be quiet and have confidence in God.

Written Update Parineeti Today Episode

Gurvinder comes to Simi’s room and sees her moving to tiktoks. Gurvinder scowls and plunks down. Simi says you attempt to hurt Pari however she generally make you lose. I think Pari is a phantom that can’t bite the dust, she could have super-abilities. Gurvinder says she could win coordinates however I will win the final remaining one. Simi says you have fizzled everytime so I don’t figure you can make any really meaningful difference either way with her, even Rajiv have a delicate corner for her. Gurvinder expresses shut up, he just loves Neeti, he saved her out of pity. Simi says I’m your ally however I can’t do a lot, I truly do have a method for tossing her out of the house. In the event that you make Neeti against Pari, she should leave, on the off chance that Neeti tosses her out of the house, nobody can bring her back. Gurvinder grins and says its smart, I simply need to make Neeti conflict with Pari. The two of them start dancing.Neeti is preparing. Rajiv awakens and asks whats new? Neeti says its Christmas so I remembered to get presents for everybody, I need to dazzle everybody and particularly Biji. Rajiv gets out whatever’s my gift? give me a kiss, she says I love you and runs from there.

Parineeti 16 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Scene 2
Neeti comes to the market and starts purchasing presents however she is befuddled about their preferences. She calls Rajiv and expresses out loud whatever might I at any point get for the family? help me. Lets start with Gurvinder. Rajiv says purchase a night cream for her. He continues to help her. Vishal is on the lookout, she thinks Rajiv is here? She closes the call and pivots however Vishal is gone. She finds him lying on the ground subsequent to getting in an accident.

Parineeti Latest Spoiler Alerts 16 January 2023

Babli comes to Monty’s room and sees him dozing. She grins and figures a villain can look charming while resting. Monty awakens and says for what reason am I seeing a bad dream? Babli snatches him and says how could you be like that.. The two of them are close and take a gander at one another. Babli moves away. Monty says what are you doing here? Babli says I came to thank you for aiding Rajiv in saving Pari. I thought you are only a futile tease however you really do have sentiments. She squeezes him and attempts to leave yet Monty pulls her nearer and says notice not.

Neeti requests that Vishal awaken and says Rajiv what was the deal? The man says we ought to call the police. Neeti figures I can’t lose him like this. She says compelling reason need to call the police, I know him, he is my sister’s better half. They help get Vishal.

Biji advises the family to go and she will remain back. I can’t show up at another party, I will simply rest. She inquires as to whether Pari is going with them? Pami says she went to the specialist with Rajiv. Gurvinder comes there, Biji says you are looking pretty, Gurvinder expresses gratitude toward her. Biji mumbles she is a chudail. She asks them to leave.

Neeti is in the vehicle with an oblivious Vishal. She thinks I at long last gotten this Rajiv, I won’t let him free till he addresses my inquiries. She says you realize you will not get a preferable young lady over Pari, even I can’t come close to her, she is a precious stone so I don’t know which young lady you loved that you were unable to figure out her value. Its OK I will take sense back to you. Its extraordinary that I found him.

PRECAP – Pari comes to her room and sees it embellished. She asks Neeti what is this? She is stunned to see an oblivious Vishal lying in the bed. Biji comes there and asks who is this man? Neeti says he is your number one. Biji yells to quit talking in questions. She takes a gander at Rajiv and says who is this Rajiv? Neeti says he isn’t your Rajiv, your Rajiv is lying on the bed. Biji says this is my Rajiv and Pari, they are hitched and you are a third individual between them. Neeti is shocked.

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