Parineeti 19 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Parineeti Written Update 19 December 2022

Scene 1
Pari is resting in her room however she awakens and sees a th thundering. She gets a call however nobody is talking. Pari says this Rakesh is behind me once more, God understormplease fend him off. The doorbell rings, she says perhaps the family is back. She makes the way for find a letter which says he cherishes Pari and she is his as it were. Pari locks the entryway and calls Neeti yet she isn’t getting. Pari says I’m terrified, the power goes off so Pari lights a candle. She hears somebody calling out to her and gets terrified. She begins going to her room however Rakesh comes there. He says shock, I let you know I will come to take you. Pari begs him to leave, this is my inlaws’ home. Rakesh says your inlaws will accompany me. He snatches her and says I want you, you will be my sovereign. Pari attempts to take off however he gets her and says I can’t survive without you. Pari cries and says if it’s not too much trouble, let me be. Rakesh gets her feet and says simply give me a kiss, approach me. Pari hits him with a pot and takes off. She shouts for help and stows away from him. Rakesh says I love you yet you generally take off from me. Pari says avoid me. Rakesh says don’t drive me mad. You are mine. Pari hits him once more and runs from that point. She has a go at calling somebody however he takes her telephone and sees her calling Rajiv. He breaks her telephone. Rakesh giggles and says he won’t come to save you. Simply acknowledge that I am your genuine spouse. He says simply acknowledge me. Pari chomps his hand and tracks down another telephone. Rakesh is searching for her. He takes out a blade and says you will see my insane side at this point. Pari is frightened as he views as her. Rakesh says I love you like insane, Rajiv couldn’t care less about me yet I love you to such an extent. Pari petitions God for help. She runs and secures herself in the room. He breaks the entryway and goes into the room. Pari is stowing away from him yet he views as her. He gets her and puts her on the bed. Pari says I’m not yours. Rakesh says I couldn’t care less, you are mine as it were. You have offended me so much however I’m still infatuated with you. Pari sobs for help. Rakesh removes her dupatta, Pari cries and says kindly let me be. Rakesh says lets accomplish something fun. He approaches her and is going to strongly kiss her however everything ends up being Pari’s fantasy.. she awakens and shouts in dread. Pami races to her and asks what was the deal? Pari embraces her and cries. She figures I can’t see her about Rakesh, she will get stressed. Pari says I saw a terrible dream yet I’m OK. Pami embraces her and says I wish you all the bliss throughout everyday life. Rajiv and Neeti come there. Neeti asks what was the deal? Pari says OK. Neeti says you look steamed. Pari thinks Neeti is ordinary so it implies she didn’t converse with Vishal. Rajiv figures Pari should be stressed over Neeti meeting Vishal however all is well at this point. Pami leaves from that point. Rajiv says you both can talk, he leaves. Neeti asks Pari for what good reason didn’t she come to the store? Pari figures I can’t perceive her about Rakesh, she will get pushed. Pari says I was missing mother so I flew off the handle. Neeti says you can proceed to meet her for certain days. She figures I shouldn’t have told her that Rajiv is in the city, she should be harmed that her significant other misleads her.

Written Update Parineeti Today Episode

Precap: Rakesh is welcomed by Gurinder to a capability and she requests that he come hijack Pari. Rakesh is masked in capability. Neeti gets dubious and expresses, pivot, let me see who is behind the Sehra.


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