Parineeti 21 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Parineeti Written Update 21 December 2022

Scene 1
Biji requests that Pari begin hitting the dance floor with Rajiv. A man enters the party and starts moving. All look on. Its Vishal camouflaged as sardar. Rajiv and Pari are confounded. She asks who is he? He says I don’t have the foggiest idea. Vishal embraces Rajiv and says you don’t recollect me? I was your companion and returned to India a little while ago. Rajiv murmurs something to Pari, she grins and leaves. Neeti sees generally that. Neeti takes a gander at the man and asks Rajiv who is he? Rajiv says he is my close buddy. The broadcaster calls Rajiv, Neeti and Pari on the stage. Biji figures I will deal with this young lady later on. Rajiv and Neeti sincerely dance on the stage however at that point they give a pleasant exhibition with Pari. All partake in their presentation. Pari envisions Rajiv hitting the dance floor with Neeti and gets injured. Rajiv calls Biji on the stage and hits the dance floor with her. All relatives dance together. Biji hits the dance floor with Rajiv and Pari. Biji requests that Simi proceed to move. She gives a presentation too.

Written Update Parineeti Today Episode

Vishal is conversing with visitors, Neeti figures I ought to proceed to converse with him, I have seen this man previously. She goes to him and says I’m Neeti. Did we meet previously? He gets called and leaves. Neeti says he seems to be Rajiv, what’s going on? Vishal thinks she is peering toward him so he gets embarrassed.Rakesh enters the party in a lucky man ensemble. Gurvindar meets him and says gives up and talk. Biji calls her and requests that she take her gifts.

Parineeti 16Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Rakesh is hanging tight for Gurvindar in the kitchen when Pari comes there. He covers his face with a sehra Neeti comes there and lets Pari know that Sanju’s companion seemed to be Rajiv. Neeti requests that the man leave from that point. Rakesh attempts to leave, Neeti says for what reason would you say you were hearing us? who are you? Rakesh figures she can’t track down me. Neeti requests that he show his face.

Parineeti Latest Spoiler Alerts 21 December 2022

Biji advises her to give her a gift by having a child with Pari. That’s what vishal hears and thinks his better half is Neeti so for what reason is she taking Pari’s name?

Neeti requests that the man show his face, he remembers to go after her.

The episode ends.

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