Parineeti 22 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Parineeti Written Update 22 December 2022

Scene 1
Neeti requests that Rakesh eliminate his sehra and show his face. Pari says its OK, he may be a visitor. Neeti says he isn’t showing his face, I will remove his sehra. Rakesh is going to hit her yet Gurvindar comes there and asks Neeti proceed to meet the visitors. Neeti goes with Pari. Gurvindar advises Rakesh to finish this work and leave before Neeti looks into you. Rakesh says I needed to hurt Neeti. Gurvindar says simply remove Pari so Neeti can turn into my girl in-regulation. He expresses out loud whatever? Gurvindar says simply capture Pari and leave from here. Rakesh says in the event that Neeti attempts to stop me then I won’t keep down. Gurvindar says simply go about your responsibilities and avoid Neeti, she is my weapon to control this house. Rakesh says on the off chance that she doesn’t come in my manner then I couldn’t care less about her, he leaves from there.

Written Update Parineeti Today Episode

Biji is partaking in the party, she requests that Monty dance, he says I can’t. Babli says he is a washout. Monty says avoid this matter. Biji says she is Pari’s sister so she can say anything. Neeti thinks Biji disapproves of me as it were. Biji says I’m prepared to move. Monty figures how could she concur? He says I can’t move. Biji says don’t drive me crazy, simply proceed to move. He says alright. Monty and Babli come on the stage. Babli says you seem to be a failure, Monty requests that she stop it. Babli says I will fix you today. The music begins, Babli gives an occurrence execution while Monty joins her. All applaud them. Then, Amit and Chandrika give a presentation together. Rakesh enters the party. Pari can’t track down her telephone and goes to check. Rakesh goes behind her.Pari is going to her space to track down her telephone. Rakesh says I will make her oblivious and takes her from here. He takes chloroform and goes behind Pari. Rajiv sees the man in sehra going inside the house. Pari sees the man understanding her and supposes on the off chance that he is Rakesh? He can’t be here. She goes to her room. Rajiv goes behind them however Neeti comes to him and says gives up, we can appreciate with the family. Rajiv inquires as to whether she saw a man wearing a sehra? Neeti says OK, I asked him what his identity was nevertheless he didn’t answer, would he say he is your frin? Rajiv thinks he was going behind Pari, something is off-base. He says I’m arriving in a little, he leaves from that point. Neeti gets out whatever is happening in this house.

Parineeti 17Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Pari emerges from her room and chances upon Rajiv. He says I was determining the status of you. Pari says why? Rajiv doesn’t say anything. Rakesh stows away from them. Rajiv says I saw a man following you in sehra. Pari says I saw him yet I would rather not cause any situation. She says thank you for determining the status of me. Rajiv says ofcourse, we are companions. He leaves with her. Rakesh is angry.

Parineeti Latest Spoiler Alerts 22 December 2022

Pami sees Rajiv and Pari together in the party, she says they look so great together. Her significant other says Pari will find an adoration soon. Pami says I simply maintain that she should be happy.

Rakesh gets a call from his dad, he requests that he come and accomplish the party work. Rakesh says I’m coming, sit back and relax. His dad inquires as to whether he is behind that young lady once more? Rakesh expresses not by any stretch of the imagination. He closes the call and says I will effectively get Pari. He calls his men and request that they come here.

The episode ends.

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