Parineeti 24 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Parineeti Written Update 24 December 2022

Scene 1
Rakesh is searching for Pari in the house.

Written Update Parineeti Today Episode

Neeti is tipsy and says you seem to be Rajiv. He says I’m Vishal and if it’s not too much trouble, quit gazing at me. Neeti chuckles and says I’m stressed over Pari that is the reason I’m fantasizing. Vishal says say thanks to God you were gazing at me for your companion. Neeti says don’t educate Sanju concerning this, he is stressed over me and the child. Vishal says he will be a dad? He ought to have told me, congratulations to you both.Rajiv requests that Pari rest yet she requests that he stay with her, don’t leave me please. Rajiv thinks for what reason would she say she is getting so close to home today? Rakesh goes into her room yet takes off seeing Rajiv there. Pari sees him leaving and lets Rajiv know that the man in sehra was here once more, I’m frightened imagine a scenario in which its Rakesh. Rajiv says he can’t be here, you can definitely relax. He requests that she rest. Pari tragically views at him as he leaves. Pari thinks I wish he could be with me.

Parineeti 20Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Gurvinder chides Rakesh and says you couldn’t capture Pari? Rakesh says Rajiv was with her. Gurvinder says you are futile. She lets him know that you have made everybody smashed at this point. Rakesh says quit admonishing me. Gurvinder says I can go to Pari’s room and take Rajiv from that point, then, at that point, you can take Pari away.

Parineeti Latest Spoiler Alerts 24 December 2022

Rajiv thinks I need to track down the man in sehra. He hears voices coming from Gurvindar’s room and remembers to check. He goes into the room and tracks down Rakesh there. Gurvinder says he was undermining me. Rajiv says I won’t extra you today. He punches him. Rakesh chuckles and says I will take Pari today. Rajiv says on the off chance that you attempt to hurt Pari.. Rakesh says I can take Pari and you will do nothing. Rajiv beats him, Rakesh says my main goal is something different, I realize you are furious yet Pari is my adoration so she ought to accompany me. Rajiv says I will fix you, he is going to beat him however Gurvinder stops them. Rakesh says Pari is mine. Rajiv begins beating him. Rakesh takes off. Gurvinder stops Rajiv and says don’t cause a situation. Rajiv says I won’t bear anybody harming Pari. Gurvinder says why? what’s your relationship with her? try not to be furious, you realize Rakesh’s dad is strong so do nothing against him. Rajiv says I won’t make any move against him as Biji’s party will be ruined. He says how might Rakesh realize that there is an ensemble themed party occurring here? Somebody probably tipped him. Gurvinder says he has cash so he probably found out through somebody. Rajiv leaves from that point. Gurvinder thinks he cherishes Neeti yet for what reason is he really focusing on Pari so much?

All individuals are savored the party. Biji says I need to move. She begins moving, Vishal joins her. Rajiv comes there with Gurvinder. Neeti goes to him however Biji pulls Rajiv away. Gurvinder thinks Rajiv battled with Rakesh for Pari, I need to deal with her. Pari enters the party and sees the family moving. She figures I will miss this family and uniquely Rajiv. Neeti assembles her and they all dance. Biji hits the dance floor with Neeti and says they look great together right? Rajiv removes Biji before Neeti could hear her.

Rakesh emerges from the house, he meets his man and says we can’t cause a situation as the media can come here. I need to get Pari today at any expense. He says how might you head inside? Rakesh gets an idea.

Neeti takes a gander at the family moving and thinks I’m fortunate to get this family. Rajiv grins and thinks I trust everybody will be cheerful. Pari thinks I wish Rajiv would be mine, she wipes her tears. Neeti comes to her and asks what was the deal? Pari doesn’t say anything. Neeti embraces her and thinks I realize she is missing Rajiv, I supplicate she gets my destiny as well. Pari thinks I ask that she couldn’t have ever my destiny, she ought to never need to pick either me and Rajiv. Gurvinder figures Rakesh should design something to get Pari.

Precap: Pari chooses to converse with Rajiv, Rakesh strolls to Pari and powerfully makes her beverage squeeze and captures her. Rakesh leaves, however Pari is fallen close to the entryway.
Taiji tells everybody, we need to figure out who they have grabbed. Neeti asks where is Pari.

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