Parineeti 26 November 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Parineeti Written Update 26 November 2022

Scene 1
Babli calls her companion and says I set up Monty. Monty comes there and scowls at her. Babli expresses out loud whatever would you say you are doing here? Monty says I want your assistance, he says we need to prevent Neeti from going to the pooja so Pari and Rajiv can do the pooja. Babli says I won’t help you, simply leave. Monty thinks Rajiv is gone today. He leaves. Babli reviews Pari telling her that it’s not Neeti’s shortcoming so she shouldn’t find reality as she will be harmed. She stops him and says I will help you as Pari doesn’t maintain that Neeti should be harmed. Monty requests that she keep Neeti secured in the room. Babli says you should help me. Monty says okay.

Written Update Parineeti Today Episode

Chandrika calls Rajiv and Neeti. She requests that he come for the pooja. Rajiv embraces Neeti and says I will get dressed. Neeti gets a call from Babli, she behaves like a sales rep from her office. Rajiv prepares and leaves. Neeti is occupied with Babli on the call.Rajiv comes to the family and says I’m prepared for the pooja. Biji says you ought to have accompanied your significant other. Pari comes there. Gurindar thinks soon Biji will begin loathing her. The cleric requests that they sit in the pooja. Rajiv lets Pari know that Monty-Babli will keep Neeti busy.

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Babli continues to request Neeti’s data. Neeti says I lack opportunity and willpower. Babli says we need to just get your data today. Neeti says I will whine about you. Babli says this is my work so if it’s not too much trouble, help me. Neeti gets out whatever’s your name? Babli says I’m a recently participated in your office. She requests her data. Neeti gets going with her. Monty advises Babli to deal with her, he will proceed to beware of the pooja.

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Pari and Rajiv sit in the pooja. Pari thinks I’m upset for conning my companion yet I need to do this for her. Chandrika lets Amit know that they look so great together, I wish Rajiv could not have possibly duped Pari like that. Amit says Rajiv and Neeti are a genuine couple. Chandrika says for what reason do you continue to help Rajiv? He is off-base. Chandrika says your sibling is a miscreant and will remain so. The fact that Neeti could come makes rajiv frightened. Monty comes there and sees them occupied in the pooja. He sees a lovely young lady there and presents him. Babli comes there and sees him being a tease. She scowls at him and thinks he caught and presently being a tease. I will show him a thing or two. Monty is playing with the young lady and says your face is entrancing to me. Babli comes to them and requests that the young lady avoid this tease, he simply needs to utilize you. The young lady says thanks to her and leaves. Monty frowns at her and says for what reason did you ruin my arrangement. Babli expresses center around the arrangement, Neeti cut my call so she can be here soon. Monty says we need to stop her at any expense. Babli says I don’t have a thought. The pooja is going on. Pami lets her significant other know that Pari is doing this for us, he says there can be nobody like Pari, she has consistently safeguarded our loved ones. Pami says you are correct, she is bearing this for Rajiv and Neeti. I want to do equity for her however I will safeguard her at any expense. I’m simply glad that Pari is doing the pooja with Rajiv. Gurindar thinks where could Neeti be? I will bring reality out soon.

Precap: Panditji says, I can’t do this Bhojan, this Prasad has lasun. Gurpreet faults Pari for itself and says she is simply trouble all over the place and she ought to be punished.

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