Parineeti 27 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Parineeti Written Update 27 January 2023

Scene 1
Gurpreeet and Sukwinder are talking. Sukwinder says Rajiv ought to have been here today with Pari. Gurpreeet says Rajiv is remaining with Pari there. That’s what sukwinder sees and says its Sanju remaining with Neeti. Gurpreet says its Rajiv and Pari. Sukwinder says for what reason would you say you are calling Sanju as Rajiv? Gurpreet says you are befuddled, gives up and converse with them. Rajiv hears all that and runs from that point. Rajiv brings Neeti to the side and says I need to work on something. Neeti expresses out loud whatever would you say you are doing? he takes her from that point. Babli comes to Sukwinder and Gurpreet, they tell her that they are confounded about Rajiv and Sanju. Babli thinks she needs to stop them, she takes a gander at Monty and tells Gurpreet that I am enamored, she takes her from that point. Pari thinks express gratitude toward God it was dealt with. Sukwinder calls Pari and says I realize you are miserable that Rajiv hasn’t arrived with you. Pari says he had work so he needed to leave. Sukwinder says your mom is calling Sanju as Rajiv, you ought to have her looked at. Pari gestures and leaves.

Written Update Parineeti Today Episode

Rajiv gets Neeti a corner and embraces her. She says don’t be heartfelt, Biji could see us. She asks how could he conciliate Biji? The flashback shows how Rajiv came to Biji and told her that you shouldn’t have reprimanded Neeti as she was harmed. Biji says she goes about as an unnecessary extra person among you and Pari, she won’t let you both come close which I could do without. Rajiv expresses its between 2 individuals provided that they need to be close or not. Biji says it implies you and Pari are not close? Rajiv says dislike that, don’t stress over Pari and I. Biji says I simply need to see my successor prior to passing on, its my desire however you couldn’t care less. Rajiv says sorry, don’t cry now. He embraces her and says I’m upset for being angry at you. Biji says I simply don’t need Neeti among you and Pari. Rajiv requests that she stop it and the flashback ends.Scene 2
Biji lets the family know that we will all take pheras now. Rajiv murmurs to Pari how might we take pheras now? Biji requests that they come and take pheras. She leaves. Neeti calls Rajiv so the two of them there. Neeti is in front of Rajiv and Pari is behind him as they take pheras. Pari holds Rajiv’s cloak while Rajiv is holding Neeti’s wrap. Sukwinder explains to Babli that for what reason is Pari holding Sanju’s cloak, she shouldn’t hold any other person fabric aside from her better half. I figure Pari doesn’t know so proceed to tell her. Babli thinks I want to uncover Rajiv at this moment. Sukwinder figures she ought to proceed to tell Pari herself. Pari thinks I just Rajiv and Neeti blissful. Neeti petitions God for her bliss with Sanju. Rajiv petitions God for Pari and Neeti’s joy. Babli sees Sukwinder going to Pari. She is going to prevent her from holding Rajiv’s cloak however Vishal comes there and says Pari lets take pheras. He holds her wrap and begin taking pheras so Sukwinder moves away. Gurpreet thinks who is this fellow and for what reason is he holding Pari’s shawl?

Parineeti 27 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

The pheras are finished so Rajiv, Neeti, Pari and Vishal begin hitting the dance floor with others.

Parineeti Latest Spoiler Alerts 27 January 2023

Neeti comes to Vishal and says its an unexpected treat that you are here, you ought to have come right on time for Pari. He says I’m sorry I was unable to come early. Neeti says its alright Rajiv yet Pari is glad to such an extent that you are here. Vishal thinks I’m trapped in this mess.

Gurpreet comes to Babli and says who do you cherish? Babli says I just said it so you would quit contending with Sukwinder. Gurpreeet says your folks would be blissful when you get settled after marriage. Babli says I would rather not get hitched and turned into a housewife. Gurpreet says you will be cheerfully hitched like Pari, she doesn’t actually discuss returning home which implies she is content with Rajiv. Babli hacks and supposes on the off chance that she knows reality then she wouldn’t maintain that any young lady should be married.

Vishal tells Neeti that I need to leave now. Neeti expresses out loud whatever? he says I have a few different gatherings. She says you can’t leave before family supper. She calls Pari and requests that she stop Rajiv. Pari says he could have some significant work. Neeti inquires as to whether the two of them battled? you both are not in any event, taking a gander at one another. Vishal says I have work and leaves from that point. Neeti looks on.

The episode ends.

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