Parineeti 28 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Parineeti Written Update 28 December 2022

Scene 1
Neeti lets Rajiv know that its great we went to your director’s dinner.

Written Update Parineeti Today Episode

Rakesh sees Pari getting tipsy, he makes her beverage spiked squeeze and says you will feel better.In the party, Biji says I’m worn out at this point. Pami says I can’t move any longer. Rajiv sees a server taking a sack from that point, he thinks who is this man? he lets Neeti know that this man appears to be natural. Neeti says I likewise thought Vishal was Rajiv however I was off-base. Rakesh thinks I need to leave soon. He takes the sack from that point. Rajiv attempts to go behind him however Neeti expresses stay with me. She says where could Pari be? Rajiv says she should be around.

Parineeti 23Rd December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Rakesh places Pari in the vehicle, he tosses the other lady out and says we are OK at this point. He drives away with Pari. Rakesh calls Gurvinder and says Pari is with me now, my fantasy worked out as expected. Gurvinder says truly? Rakesh says I’m not lying. Gurvinder says now I can praise, you can do anything with her. Rajiv comes there and asks what’s happening? Gurvinder says my companion’s child is getting hitched so I got energized. He inquires as to whether she knows where Pari is? Gurvinder says you shouldn’t stress over her, she ought to leave from here. Rajiv says she has done a ton for Neeti and Biji, I regard her a ton. Gurvinder says she has placed you in a tough situation a ton, simply contemplate Neeti and that Pari is a terrible sign for you. Rajiv says I will not hear anything awful about Pari, he leaves from that point. Gurvinder begins moving happily.

Parineeti Latest Spoiler Alerts 28 December 2022

Neeti comes to her room and has feet are harming. Rajiv comes there and pulls her nearer. Neeti says my feet are harming. Rajiv says I can knead them, Neeti says no you don’t have to. Rajiv kneads her feet and says I can’t be furious with you for quite a while. He says gives up for a lengthy drive and have some frozen yogurt. Neeti says you are excessively heartfelt. Rajiv switches out the lights and starts hitting the dance floor with her. Neeti embraces him and grins. Rajiv touches her hand and kisses it. Neeti prods him. They hear Amit’s voice and goes to check.

Chandrika is crying and lets the family know that a few servers were grabbing a young lady, I went behind them yet somebody went after me and secured me in the storeroom. Amit says who was that lady? Neeti says where could Pari be? Biji is stunned and expresses out loud whatever on the off chance that they removed Pari? Monty says I will search for her. Rajiv reviews how a server was taking a sack and thinks imagine a scenario in which it was Rakesh. He tells Neeti I will search for Pari. Biji sobs for Pari. Simi thinks this Pari gets saved like clockwork. Rajiv is calling Pari yet she isn’t picking up.

Pari is secured toward the rear of the van, her telephone is ringing yet her hands are tied.

Monty shouts and calls everybody outside the house. They find Swati lying there. Pami says how did this occur? Neeti thinks where could Pari be? that Rakesh may be behind this. Monty sees a few servers lying oblivious there. Neeti says it implies they attempted to abduct Swati however at that point left her here. Rajiv says I think they needed another person, he requests that she call Pari. She calls her however Pari isn’t getting. Rajiv says it implies Rakesh seized Pari. Neeti says how might he come here? Rajiv tells her how he saw Rakesh in the house and beat him. He says Rakesh returned as a server and removed Pari. Neeti cries and says if it’s not too much trouble, save Pari. Rajiv says I will go to the police headquarters, he lets Pami know that somebody captured Pari. Swati awakens. Rakesh asks what was the deal? She says I drank squeeze and afterward I swooned. Rajiv says they abducted her first. Chandrika says how could they abduct Swati in Pari’s place?

Precap: Rakesh is getting hitched powerfully with Pari. Rajeev strolls in to save Pari yet gets beaten by Rakesh’s men.

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