Parineeti 3 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Parineeti Written Update 3 December 2022

Scene 1
Neeti sees Rajiv making Pari drinking milk. She says Sanju? Rajiv says she got injured and she isn’t dealing with herself. Neeti asks Pari what was the deal? Pari says I’m OK at this point. Neeti tracks down a photograph under her pad and is going to really take a look at it however Pari stops her. Rajiv takes Neeti from that point. Pari says I can’t allow Neeti to see the photograph. She takes a gander at the photograph and its Pari-Rajiv’s marriage photo.

Written Update Parineeti Today Episode

Biji lets Chandrika know that lets spy on Rajiv and Pari. She sees Neeti taking Rajiv from that point and says this young lady is behind Rajiv. She is certainly not a decent young lady. She sees Pari taking a gander at their marriage photograph and tragically sitting alone. Biji tells Chandrika that I could do without this young lady. I won’t allow her to obliterate their marriage.Neeti carries Rajiv to the yard and shows the beautifications. She says I needed to invest energy with you. The flashback shows how Neeti was crying in light of the fact that Biji hurt her. Gurvindar comes there and says I realize you are harmed however Sanju is yours so don’t allow anybody to attempt to grab him from you. Neeti says that can’t occur. Gurvindar says you ought to invest more energy with Sanju, keep him near you. Neeti gestures and the flashback closes. Neeti tells Rajiv that I am not furious as a result of Biji’s allegations, I need to prevail upon her. Rajiv says you shouldn’t accept pressure. Neeti says I simply need to invest energy with you.

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Biji is going to the yard, Chandrika attempts to stop her yet she doesn’t listen.

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Rajiv tells Neeti that I can’t turn away from you. He holds her hand and is going to kiss it however Biji comes there with Chandrika. She yells at them to move away. Rajiv is stunned. Neeti thinks I’m gone at this point. Biji inquires as to for what reason would you say you were holding her hand? I could do without you together and what is this adornment? Rajiv says I needed to bring Pari here yet she got injured. Biji says for what reason would she say she is not with Pari if she her companion? Rajiv says Pari is OK. Biji requests that he leave. He is frightened however leaves.

Babli sees Monty attempting to do exercise and chuckles at him. Monty says you need to gaze at an attractive kid? Babli says you attractive? you ought to quit dreaming. Rajiv comes there and says Biji is with Neeti alone, take a brief trip and see what they are referring to. Monty says I can do nothing. Babli says you should pay for your deeds one day, he leaves. Rajiv says she is right.

Biji asks Neeti what is it that you need? I realize you have sin in your heart. Neeti gets out whatever have I done? Biji says you attempting to obliterate a house. Neeti says I sat idle. Biji says I continue seeing you attempting to be near Rajiv, you are bold. He was attempting to kiss your hand and you didn’t stop him. Neeti says dislike that, Sanju and I are simply companions. Biji says who is Sanju? He is Golu. Neeti says I’m only companions with Pari and your Golu. Biji says you have no disgrace, you are characterless, I won’t extra you in the event that you attempt in all actuality do any joke. Neeti cries and leaves from that point. Biji tells Pami that I cautioned Neeti to avoid Rajiv. I will take a brief trip and see Pari. Pami says Pari is resting in the visitor room as she would rather not upset Rajiv. Biji goes to her room and sees her resting. She favors her. Pari awakens and asks what was the deal? Biji inquires as to whether her foot is fine? She says it’s alright. Biji says you ought to watch out for Rajiv, another person could attempt to bait him. Pari figures she may be discussing Neeti.

Neeti comes to her room and is crying. Rajiv asks what was the deal? Neeti says your Biji called me bold since I’m attempting to break your home? What other house do you have? Rajiv is shocked.

Precap: Rajeev causes Pari to sit on counter. Neeti checks pantry and tracks down wedding photograph of Pari and Rajeev. Rajeev is assisting Pari with strolling, Neeti strolls to them and expresses out loud whatever is happening?

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