Parineeti 3 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Parineeti Written Update 3 January 2023

Scene 1
Rakesh shoots close to Rajiv and Pari shouts for him. Rakesh tells Pari on the off chance that you don’t stand by listening to me then you understand what will occur. Rajiv says he will do nothing, simply leave from here. Pari cries and says I will stay put, kindly free him. Rakesh requests that they stop it, he says we need to get hitched so we can have a marriage night. Rajiv yells at him to quiet down. Pari lets Rakesh know that he will do as you say yet kindly don’t hurt Rajiv. Rajiv says don’t be dumb, simply leave, I will deal with them Pari. Rakesh hits him and drapes him from the rope. Pari cries and says I will wed you yet kindly save him. Rakesh puts a stool under Rajiv. Pari says I’m prepared to wed you. Rakesh says I am so cheerful now, he requests that the minister begin doing the wedding. Pari tragically takes a gander at Rajiv, he thinks she has previously accomplished such a great deal for myself as well as my family and presently doing this. Rakesh sees them taking a gander at one another and says I have done a ton to demonstrate my affection however presently you need to demonstrate your adoration. He asks his director to bring an unfilled jug. Pari is befuddled. Rakesh takes the jug and breaks it. He tosses glass pieces on the floor. His chief says now Pari needs to stroll on the glass parts of take pheras? Rajiv yells that you are a creature. Rakesh says dislike that, I need to step through her examination of affection. His supervisor thinks what’s happening with Rakesh? Rakesh tells Pari on the off chance that she doesn’t do it then he can kill Rajiv. Pari says no, I will do it.

Written Update Parineeti Today Episode

Neeti tells Akshay that I am stressed over Sanju, he has reached me. Akshay says just relax, the police are searching for them.Rakesh requests that Pari begin taking pheras. Pari begins strolling on the glass pieces and cries in torment. Rajiv yells Rakesh to not make it happen. Rakesh and Pari begin taking pheras. He says your aggravation is giving me harmony. Rajiv thinks Pari has proactively accomplished such a great deal for myself and presently forfeiting her life to save me. Leo enters the nook and shoots close to Rakesh. Pari is befuddled to see him. Rakesh frowns at him. His chief attempts to go after him however Leo beats them all and requests that the minister leave. Rakesh lets Leo know that you my dad’s pup so don’t meddle in my issues, simply leave from here. How might you venture to attempt to stop my wedding? He attempts to beat him yet Leo doesn’t move. Rakesh calls his dad and says how might you venture to attempt to stop my wedding? I won’t extra you. His dad yells that you can do anything you need however in the event that it begins harming my legislative issues and honor, I won’t extra you. You want to do anything that is the reason I sent Leo to stop you. Rakesh says I love Pari a ton, if it’s not too much trouble, let me wed her, I simply need her. Pari takes the glass pieces and liberates Rajiv. Rakesh’s dad lets him know that I can’t obliterate my legislative issues for a basic young lady, I can do anything for my party ticket regardless of whether I need to kill you. Rajiv and Pari quietly leave. His dad lets Rakesh know that you know whether I guide Leo then he will kill you. Rakesh yells on the off chance that anything happens to Pari then I won’t extra anybody. He closes the call and goes to see Rajiv-Pari leaving. Rajiv takes the weapon and requests that Rakesh not approach them. Rajiv and Pari lock them and run from there.

Parineeti 3 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Rajiv and Pari are running out of Rakesh’s office. Pari is crying in agony and says I’m alright. Rajiv cries and says such a lot of torment yet you don’t say anything negative, you realize I don’t merit your adoration yet you were prepared to forfeit your life for me, why? Pari turns away. Rajiv says I was unable to cherish you as I accomplish for Neeti, I’m the least expensive man to involve you for my bliss, I continued utilizing you and harming to be narrow minded however you generally remained with me. I don’t merit your adoration and tears. Pari says I told you before likewise that I am doing this for Neeti just, not so much for you. Rajiv gestures and starts cleaning her feet wounds. Pari cries and figures how might I let you know that I can do anything for you, I realize you never cherished me yet I adored you just and can do anything for you. Rajiv tidies up her injury and holds her. He gets her and starts strolling. Pari unfortunately checks him out. They see Leo and his men outside the door. Rajiv and Pari go to the posterior however Leo comes there. Rajiv takes shots at him and says don’t approach us any other way I will shoot you. Leo says you won’t shoot anybody, he goes to them and snatches Pari. Rajiv attempts to drive him away and says don’t contact her. Rajiv hits him with a weapon and he blacks out. Rajiv and Pari bounce from the wall and run from that point. Leo gets up and is furious. He says I need to end that young lady at any expense, he advises his men to find her.

Parineeti Latest Spoiler Alerts 3 January 2023

Precap: Rajiv gives Pari a weapon and is going to leave when he sees hooligans and runs with Pari and joins a parade. Pari gets hijacked by a man and he cuts her. Neeti is searching for Pari and Rajeev.

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