Parineeti 31 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Parineeti Written Update 31 December 2022

Scene 1
Pami asks Gurvinder who was she saying ‘sorry’ her to? Gurvinder says you shouldn’t include in her matters.

Written Update Parineeti Today Episode

Rajiv lets Neeti know that he can’t leave her. Neeti says I’m actually save in this lock up however I have no faith in that Rakesh so proceed to save Pari. They will do nothing with me. Rajiv says you are so daring. Neeti says I must be. Rajiv says guarantee me that you will do nothing, she guarantees him. She requests that he be careful and says I love you. Rajiv says I will be fine, simply fare thee well. He leaves from that point. Neeti appeals to God for Sanju and Pari.Pari is taking off from Rakesh’s office. She stows away from the hooligans and starts taking off. Her shoe splits so she discards it. Pari attempts to call Neeti yet her telephone is with the assessor and he doesn’t see it. She begins taking off and finds a man, she says somebody needs to capture me so if it’s not too much trouble, help me. He is Rakesh’s chief and says he cherishes you a ton. Pari says he is insane, kindly let me go. Rakesh comes there and frowns at her. He snatches her hair and says I told you to not drive me mad. Pari cries yet he hauls her away.

Parineeti 27Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Rajiv is heading out and thinks where could Pari be? I don’t have any idea what my relationship with her is any longer, its not love yet I can’t see her in aggravation, her aggravation has turned into my aggravation now. He reviews how Pari generally upheld him, her unrestricted love for him. His vehicle quits driving so he really takes a look at it yet its not beginning. Gurvinder calls him and asks where could he be? Rajiv says we went to the police headquarters.. he tells her beginning and end and says I’m going to Rakesh’s office. She says would you say you are insane? try not to go there, he is risky. Simply free Neeti and return home. Rajiv says don’t discuss Pari. Its my obligation to keep Neeti cheerful and safeguard Pari. Neeti can’t be blissful without Pari. He closes the call. Gurvinder says on the off chance that Rakesh finds Rajiv there, he will kill him out of resentment. She appeals to God for him.

Parineeti Latest Spoiler Alerts 31 December 2022

Scene 2
Rakesh carries Pari to the workplace. He requests that the cleric start the wedding. He powerfully makes her wear the wreath. Rakesh strongly holds her hand while the wedding continues.

Rajiv races to Rakesh’s office. He comes outside yet doesn’t track down anybody there. He says in the event that Rakesh isn’t here then where might he accompany Pari? He is going to leave yet he tracks down Pari’s wristband on the floor. He says it implies Rakesh is here with Pari? He says I can’t go inside with nothing, he should accompany his men. He takes his belt and says I won’t extra that Rakesh today. He enters his office and glances around. He comes to the mandap yet doesn’t track down anybody there. He finds havan consuming there and expresses out loud whatever assuming he was strongly wedding Pari? where must they be?

Neeti’s companion gets her bailed. She expresses gratitude toward him and says I trust Sanju finds Pari soon. She lets her companion know that we need to take care of this MLA and his child. Her companion Akshay says I have called the media, they will be here soon. She says thanks to him and takes her telephone. She goes to call Sanju and finds the monitor conversing with the MLA. The assessor says we needed to leave the young lady since she brought her attorney, you ought to request that your child leave that young lady any other way the media can reach out. He closes the call. Neeti frowns at him and says goodness, rules are for us as it were? The assessor requests that she shut up any other way I will secure you in the future. Neeti says it will not be required. She makes his video once more and says he is working for pay-offs and not in any event, taking my grievance on the grounds that its against the MLA’s child. The media shows up there as well. Neeti smirks.

The MLA checks the news in which they are discussing Neeti standing firm against the MLA’s child since he supposedly griped about his child grabbing her friend.

Rakesh is removing Pari from the workplace and says Rajiv came to save you here? I won’t extra him now. Pari thinks I have lost Rajiv yet I don’t maintain that Neeti should go through any agony, he shouldn’t come here. Rakesh reviews how Gurvinder called him and let him know that Rajiv is coming there so he ought to leave with Pari and they shouldn’t hurt Rajiv. Rakesh halted the wedding and took Pari from that point before Rajiv could come. The flashback closes. Rakesh requests that the minister continue the marriage. He begins taking pheras with Pari.

Precap: Rakesh requests that his man break glass and makes Pari stroll on it during Pheres and says your aggravation will give me part of harmony. Somebody shoots Rakesh’s man and Rakesh asks who is here?

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