Parineeti 4 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Parineeti Written Update 4 January 2023

Scene 1

Written Update Parineeti Today Episode

Rajiv inquires as to whether she is alright? She says OK however I’m parched. Rajiv says I will proceed to search for water, she says dont leave me. He gives her the firearm and says I will rebound in a little. He leaves. Pari quietly expresses gratitude toward him. Rajiv figures he can do anything for her. He sees Leo’s vehicle coming and yells at Pari to run. He takes her from that point, Pari says I cannot walk, he lifts her up and runs. Leo requests that his driver run them over as I need to complete this young lady. Rajiv takes Pari to the wilderness before Leo can hit them. Leo enters the wilderness and sees them running, he goes behind them however hears the police close by so he advises his men to remain back. Pari advises Rajiv to put her down, she says I can’t allow anything to happen to you as you are Neeti’s affection. He figures she couldn’t care less about herself in this condition moreover. He says I will request a lift. They attempt to stop the vehicles yet nobody is halting. Pari says nobody is making a difference. Leo’s vehicle is coming so Rajiv says we need to run. He sees a strict journey going by and enters them. He advises Pari a tad, they can do nothing here. Leo’s vehicle passes them without seeing them. Rajiv says we are protected now.Neeti and Akshay come external Rakesh’s office. She says they ought to be here. Akshay says they may be stowing away, Neeti takes a stab at calling Sanju however he isn’t getting. She says they are not getting, I’m concerned for them. Akshay says don’t take pressure, you are pregnant. Neeti says I simply supplicate they are safe.

Parineeti 4 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Rajiv lets Pari know that transport stop is coming, we need to walk a bit. They are strolling with the group yet Leo snatches Pari and removes her. Rajiv searches for her.

Parineeti Latest Spoiler Alerts 4 January 2023

The monitor comes to MLA’s home and says we have a court order for your home as we heard your child seized a young lady. The MLA says we sat idle. They begin looking through his home, the MLA says Rakesh sat idle, the overseer says I’m doing my work.

Rajiv is searching for Pari. Leo carries Pari to his sanctum and says hunting you and finish my work will be enjoyable. He takes out his blade and is about harmed her yet Rajiv comes there and hits him and he faints.

Biji is sobbing for Pari and says bring her back. Babli says you are turning out to be sick, don’t stress over Pari, she will be fine.

Rajiv calls Monty and says we want your assistance. He gives him a location and expresses come here quick. Monty says I’m coming.

Neeti enters Rakesh’s office and finds his men lying there. She cries and says I’m stressed for them. She calls Rajiv, he accepts her call. She says say thanks to God you are alright, where could Pari be? Is she OK. Rajiv says we are both OK, your significant other will return to you soon. Rajiv gives the telephone to Pari. Pari says I’m coming, Neeti says will come to pick you both. The police is with me. Rajiv send his location to her. He closes the call. Rajiv holds Pari’s hand and says all will be great at this point. She eliminates her hand and turns away. Rajiv says Monty will be here soon.

Precap: Pari is stowing away from hooligans. Rajiv is searching for Pari and meets her, hooligans find them, Rajiv says Pari shoot him, however gets stabbed.

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