Parineeti 6 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Parineeti Written Update 6 January 2023

Scene 1
Pari sees the thug harmed and is frightened, she runs from that point. Leo comes there and says she hurt my men, presently I will kill her myself. Rakesh’s dad calls him and requests that he finish that young lady. Leo says sit back and relax, I won’t extra her. He closes the call and says we need to find her.

Written Update Parineeti Today Episode

Rajiv is searching for Pari in the wilderness and attempts to track down signs. Otherside Pari is running in the wilderness, her foot is harming and she tumbles down. She cries.Monty comes outside Rakesh’s office and tracks down Neeti there. She says Sanju and Pari haven’t arrived. Neeti yells at the controller to track down them. Monty requests that she quiet down. Akshay says I will go now, he leaves. Monty thinks where did they go?

Parineeti 6 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Pari sees Leo approaching so she takes cover behind the tree. Leo lets his man know that her foot is harmed so she should be near. I need to kill them both. Pari petitions God for Rajiv, she says Neeti should be concerned too.

Parineeti Latest Spoiler Alerts 6 January 2023

All relatives are asking. Biji cries and says I won’t quiet down till I see them with my own eyes. Babli says nothing will happen to them, they are great individuals. She calls Monty. He says I haven’t tracked down Rajiv and Pari yet. Babli lets Pami know that he was unable to track down them. She says I’m concerned now.

Pari is stowing away yet somebody snatches her, she goes to see its Rajiv. Pari says for what reason did you come behind me? Rajiv says I’m doing this for Neeti additionally, she should be concerned for you. Pari says she should be concerned, you ought to simply tell her that we are alright. Rajiv holds her hand and says I won’t allow anything to happen to you. Pari says I’m more stressed over you, nothing ought to happen to you, I’m not stressed over myself. Rajiv looks on. He says gives up from here. Somebody comes behind them.

The examiner lets the MLA know that you ought to turn in your child before we get him. The MLA requests that they search his room too. The monitor goes to his room and tracks down Rakesh with a lady. Rakesh says what are you doing here? The investigator says we heard that you captured a young lady. The lady says he was with me in a lodging before this, she shows the receipt. Rakesh says I’m strong so how could I hijacked a wedded lady? the monitor leaves. Rakesh moans and is irate. He says that Leo won’t extra my Pari.. I attempted so a lot yet couldn’t get her, I will accompany her in the following life. The lady attempted to comfort him however he yells at her that don’t contact me, he gives her cash and requests that she leave. He tumbles down and cries.

leo’s thug gets Pari however Rajiv battles with him and requests that Pari shoot. She is frightened, he wounds Rajiv’s foot however Pari shoots him and hurries to Rajiv. He is crying in torment, Pari takes out the blade from his thigh and ties his injury. Rajiv says we need to leave before they track down us. The two of them limp away.

Leo finds his men shot and sees him alive, the man lets them know the way Rajiv and Pari went.

Rajiv and Pari are attempting to leave the wilderness, they see somebody drawing closer them.

Precap: Pari gets lift from overseer. He tells Pari for what reason did you conflict with MLA? Pari gets dubious and requests that he drop her, he doesn’t. Pari focuses firearm at him, she pushes him and starts driving the jeep, Leo’s vehicle pursuing him. Pari proceeds to run into a tree.

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