Parineeti 7 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Parineeti Written Update 7 December 2022

Scene 1
Rajiv lets Neeti know that he adores her and could never undermine her. Neeti requests that he move away, she says I will ask Pari first. I confided in her indiscriminately and gave her a spot in my home, accepted her as a sister. She asks Pari what is happening between you both? Pari expresses out loud whatever do you mean? nothing is going on. Neeti says truly? then, at that point, what was going on in the kitchen some time back? He broke your quick and you both continued to mislead Biji. Pari requests that she quiet down, dislike that. Sanju is yours and will be yours as it were. Neeti cries and says I thought something very similar yet you both are concealing something so perhaps my supposition that is correct. Rajiv requests that she not take the pressure. Neeti says you are giving me stress, I continue to see you with Pari constantly, you both are breaking my trust. She lets Pari know that I continue considering rejoining with Rajiv yet you are attempting to just break my home? You needed to just draw my better half? you could never have a decent marriage so you broke mine? Pari says dislike that. Neeti says enough, don’t say I’m thinking wrongly. I can see the distinction among fellowship and love. You realize you are in a post-conjugal issue. Rajiv says you steering this off course. Neeti says stop it, you have interfered with me and Pari however let me converse with her. She requests that Pari make some noise, explain to me for what reason would you say you are quiet? isn’t that so? could it be said that you are baiting Sanju right? She requests that Pari come clean if not you will see me dead.. Pari says don’t say that, yes you are correct. There is a connection among me and Sanju and its in excess of a kinship. Neeti is stunned. Rajiv says Pari.. Pari says reality needed to come out one day and she has the right to be aware. Neeti asks what’s reality? Pari says Sanju isn’t simply my companion, I care deeply about him yet I don’t have the foggiest idea how it worked out. I acknowledge that I have begun cherishing Sanju. Neeti is stunned and expresses out loud whatever would you say you are saying? You and Sanju.. how might you do this with me.. why? Pari gets out whatever would it be advisable for me to do? Rajiv left me and he doesn’t adore me yet Sanju loves you so much, I began tracking down him as my accomplice. He upheld me, dealt with me and I’m a human to care deeply about him. This is reality. Neeti says it implies it was not kinship but rather love? Pari says OK it was love from my side. Neeti gets some information about him? she requests that he make some noise, she inquires as to whether he adores her as well? Neeti is torment, they race to her however she says you both have swindled me. I confided in you both aimlessly. She lets Pari know that I am pregnant with his child and you did this? You ought to have been my child’s auntie yet you are attempting to turn into my better half’s subsequent spouse? Pari requests that she quiet down. Neeti says don’t contact me, I will hurt myself on the off chance that you draw nearer. She says I thought Sanju really focuses on Pari as a result of me yet you both have gone after me, you both have separated me. She lets Rajiv know that you generally said you love me just however what is happening.. Rajiv says we will discuss it. Neeti expresses out loud whatever will I tell my child? that its dad has two ladies in his day to day existence? She lets Pari know that there is no chance to get out of this house. Pari says we will track down an answer. Neeti says the arrangement is that in the event that there is no relationship then there ought not be a proof of that in this world. I don’t need this child any longer, it will help me to remember a deceiving spouse and a closest companion. In the event that my better half doesn’t cherish me then I don’t a proof of his affection, I will kill it. Rajiv expresses out loud whatever would you say you are saying? I have a right on this child as well, kindly quiet down. We have seen dreams for our child. I love you. Pari says Sanju is correct, he cherishes you a great deal. Neeti says I know that however you have separated our adoration. Pari is harmed and steps back. Neeti tells Rajiv that I can comprehend Pari preferring you since she had nobody yet how is it that you could like her? You had a caring spouse why? Rajiv says dislike that. Neeti says why were you concealing that photograph? you care deeply about Pari as well. I’m embarrassed to be tricked this way. She takes a gander at Pari and says my dearest companion turned into my better half’s subsequent spouse. You both were having extra conjugal issue. You even broke her quick first. Pari says it was each of the a mishap. I acknowledge that I began seeing Rajiv in Sanju yet he did no misstep. Its generally my shortcoming and not his. Rajiv says she is correct, Pari is stunned to hear that. Rajiv says I have no affections for her. Neeti says don’t trick me, on the off chance that you didn’t have sentiments then things wouldn’t heighten that way. I have never seen such a modest and conning man. You have obliterated 2 connections. I could have excused your cheating with another person however you have removed my closest companion. I will not excuse you for this. Rajiv says I have nobody throughout everyday life.. Neeti yells I disdain you, she slaps him.. it ends up being Neeti’s fantasy. Pari and Rajiv see going down towards the steps. Rajiv shouts to her however Neeti tumbles down the steps. Rajiv and Pari race to her. All relatives come there. Rajiv says she tumbled down. Rajiv requests that she awaken. Pami says take her to the clinic. Rajiv takes her from that point. Pari attempts to go behind them. Pami says you are harmed. Pari says my aggravation can’t stop me, Neeti needs me. Pami says OK go.

Written Update Parineeti Today Episode

Rajiv is driving while Pari sits in the back with Neeti. Pari begs Neeti to awaken. Monty tells Rajiv to not stress, she will be OK. Rajiv says I need to take her to the clinic quick, I can’t allow anything to happen to my Neeti. Pari looks on.Biji asks Pami what has been going on with Neeti? Pami says I don’t know, she tumbled down the steps. Rajiv and Pari took her to the medical clinic. Biji says we shouldn’t have let her visit here, consider the possibility that anything happens to her and her family faults us. Gurvindar says dislike that, Neeti is a full grown individual. Biji says her family could fault us, I continue to think she needs to divide Rajiv and Pari and presently this has occurred. Don’t have the foggiest idea what God wants.

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The specialist actually takes a look at Neeti. Rajiv is concerned. The specialist says she is pregnant and had a mishap before additionally, I advised you to be extra cautious with her. Pari says simply make her fine, I can’t see her like this. The specialist says we will make an honest effort, I advised you to watch out. Rajiv says she slipped from the steps abruptly. The specialist requests that they leave the room. Rajiv and Pari unfortunately leave from that point. They appeal to God for her.

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Precap: Pari strolls to Rajeev, Rajeev embraces her and cries. Neeti awakens and says they can’t confide in me. Neeti lashes out at Rajeev and says, I saw you with Pari, leave me and go close to her. According to rajeev, I just love you.

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