Parineeti 7 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Parineeti Written Update 7 January 2023

Scene 1
Rajiv and Pari see a man moving toward them. He inquires as to whether they ran from their home? Pari says no, a few thugs are behind us. We are hitched so if it’s not too much trouble, help us. The man says OK and requests that they accompany him. He carries them to his little house. Rajiv is crying in torment. The man says he is draining a ton, he wants treatment. Pari embraces him and figures I can’t allow anything to happen to him. Pari calls Monty from his telephone and requests that he come there quick. Rajiv accepts the call and attempts to give the location however there is no organization so Monty can’t hear him.

Written Update Parineeti Today Episode

Leo requests that his men look for them. He thumps on the man’s home. The man opens it so Leo inquires as to whether he saw any couple? The man says I didn’t. Leo gives his number and says in the event that you give me data, I will give you 10K. The man gets energized and inquires as to whether he can have some development. Rajiv stows away with Pari and figures he would uncover us now. He sees Neeti calling him and thinks I love her so much, I can’t accept her call. Leo gives him 3K and asks him where did you see them? The man says I even know where they are at this moment. Rajiv and Pari are terrified. The man highlights the wilderness and says I saw them in the fields. Leo inquires as to whether he is coming clean? The man depicts so Leo leaves with his men. The man helps Rajiv. Pari expresses gratitude toward him for saving their lives. The man says I took the cash so he would accept yet I needed to save your lives. You both love one another so I needed to help your adoration. Rajiv and Pari look on. The man gives cash to Pari and says this is my approval for you. Pari says I don’t require it. The man says you resemble my girl, he goes to get milk. Rajiv and Pari gaze at one another. Pari turns away and cries. The man brings milk so Pari assists Rajiv and makes him with drinking it. She wipes his mouth and requests that he drink it. Rajiv tumbles down and is unsteady. The man says we need to call a specialist, there is a specialist close to the town, you can go there. Rajiv says I can’t let her go, he is extremely perilous. Pari says I need to go there, we don’t have time, I have a firearm. Rajiv says I won’t let you go. Pari says if it’s not too much trouble, let me for the wellbeing of Neeti. Rajiv turns away. He gives his telephone to her and requests that she fare thee well. She gestures and leaves. Rajiv looks on.Neeti lets Monty know that they are not accepting my call, they are in a difficult situation. We need to accomplish something now.

Parineeti 7 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

The MLA chides Rakesh and says you are attempting to end my vocation. Rakesh says you couldn’t care less about me, you use me like a manikin, you simply love your party. His mom says he has given his life to the party however he actually safeguarded you today. Rakesh says this man probably compromised you, he simply cherishes his party. The MLA says essentially I procured this with my persistent effort yet you need to annihilate everything for that modest lady? I did this for you. Rakesh says enough, you are doing this for yourself. The MLA says Leo would complete this young lady today if not she would admit against you. Rakesh says her significant other saw me as well. The MLA says then I will wreck them both.

Parineeti Latest Spoiler Alerts 7 January 2023

Pari is strolling out and about searching for a specialist. She sees a vehicle grinding to a halt and goes to them. She inquires as to whether they are familiar a specialist? he asks what was the deal? The man says we will drop you there. Pari is dubious. The man says this spot isn’t protected, you shouldn’t walk alone. Pari leaves from that point. She petitions God for Rajiv.

The episode ends.

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