Parineeti 8 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode 11 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Parineeti 8 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Written Update 11 february 2023

Scene 1
Rakesh sees somebody taking off from the lair and says it can’t be Neeti on the grounds that I tied her. Pari and Neeti stow away from him.

Written Update Parineeti 8 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Today Episode

Rajiv takes help from a bicycle rider to go to Rakesh’s office. He takes a gander at Neeti’s photograph on his telephone yet it tumbles down. He gets it and says my telephone could break yet our adoration can’t be broken.. I’m coming to save Neeti and our baby.The thugs tells Rakesh that Pari came here, she removed Neeti. Rakesh is stunned and says you need to get them. They go behind them.

Parineeti 11 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Rajiv enters Rakesh’s lair and searches for Neeti. Pari and Neeti are stowing away, they believe its Rakesh around them yet its really Rajiv.. he doesn’t see them and goes from that point. Rakesh sees Rajiv there and says welcome.. Rajiv asks where could Neeti be? Rakesh expresses out loud whatever’s your concern? Rajiv asks where could Neeti and Pari be? Rakesh says would you say you are envious that I need to wed Pari? that Neeti separated you both right? Rajiv requests that he shut up. Rakesh says Pari is here and soon I will wed her. Rajiv begins beating him. Pari and Neeti are going from the nook when they hear battling. Neeti says perhaps Sanju is here? Pari and Neeti come there. The thugs come there and point weapon at Rajiv. Rajiv gets Rakesh and says I won’t extra you today. Rakesh requests that his thug shoot him. Pari says don’t do that. Rakesh requests that Pari come to him. Rajiv says don’t pay attention to him. The thug says I will shoot you.. Pari says don’t do that.. she says I’m prepared to wed Rakesh. Rajiv says don’t pay attention to him. Pari and Rajiv are contending while Neeti sees the thug going to take shots at them.. she runs before Pari and Rajiv.. she has chance. All are stunned. Rajiv embraces Neeti. Rakesh takes off with his hooligans. The police show up there too.

Parineeti 8 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Latest Spoiler Alerts 11 february 2023

Scene 2
Rajiv and Pari carry Neeti to the clinic. The attendant says we can do nothing before the police case is recorded. Pari cries and says she was shot.. she is pregnant so if it’s not too much trouble, save her. The attendant says you need to go through the method. Pari yells that her life is a higher priority than any strategy. She is pregnant so if it’s not too much trouble, treat her. The specialist comes there and says I will begin her treatment however you both do paper convention. They take her away.

Bebe lets the family know that Neeti is missing and we have no news. I’m certain that young lady Pari is a terrible sign for us, Sanju is with her and she will accomplish something terrible for them. Pami says don’t fault Pari for Neeti getting abducted. Bebe requests that she shut up.. that Pari is a terrible sign, she continues doing everything wrong. Babli is irate and remembers to respond to her back. The doorbell rings and Pami is stunned to see Neet’s mom Sukwindar there. Pami is worried. Bebe says you are Neeti’s mom? you should tells her that she shouldn’t keep her terrible companion Pari here. Sukwindar says Pari is an exceptionally decent young lady and she is her life. Bebe says Pari is after her life, I’m letting you know that young lady will annihilate Neeti’s marriage. I saw her expectations.. she is dependably with the couple and presently your girl is in a difficult situation in light of her. Sukwindar asks what was the deal? Bebe says your girl got kidnapped.

Rajiv sits alone and cries reviewing his minutes with Neeti. He says this all happened in view of Rakesh.. on the off chance that anything happens to Neeti or my child, I won’t extra him. The controller calls him and says we are searching for Rajiv. Rajiv says don’t extra him at any cost.

The episode ends.

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