Parineeti 9 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Parineeti Written Update 9 December 2022

Scene 1
Pari lets Rajiv know that she is leaving Chandigarh, this is all my shortcoming. Its better on the off chance that I simply leave. I heard Neeti accusing you, I’m liable for Neeti’s condition since you came to help me. Rajiv says I came to help you however I love Neeti and can’t lose her at any expense. Pari says I can comprehend your aggravation, you have begun an existence with Neeti so tell her beginning and end. Neeti is figuring incorrectly and she shouldn’t go through this agony. Rajiv says I can’t see Neeti in torment however I have given you such a lot of agony. Pari says you need to cause her to accept that you are hers just and I’m not between you both by any means. She leaves from there.

Written Update Parineeti Today Episode

Pari returns home, Biji asks how is Neeti? She says she is better at this point. I came to take her garments. Biji says you let Rajiv with her be? I see him around her to an extreme. Pari says Neeti isn’t well, I came to take her garments. Biji says I saw them close, I think something is happening among you and Rajiv. I will find out soon. Pari says Rajiv and I are fine. Biji says I will converse with you all once all of you return from the medical clinic. She leaves. Biji lets Pami and Gurvindar know that something is off-base among Pari and Rajiv. She asks Gurvindar for what valid reason don’t you ask her? she is your little girl in regulation. Gurvindar figures I will deal with Pari now.Pari comes to her room and reviews Rajiv’s concern for Neeti. She says Neeti ought to realize that there isn’t anything among me and Rajiv. Babli comes there and asks what was the deal? I realize you are accusing yourself yet Neeti wedded him after you. Pari says it doesn’t make any difference. They love one another. I ought to leave now. Babli says that man has given you such a lot of torment. Pari says this was my destiny so it doesn’t make any difference. Babli says I won’t extra Rajiv in the event that he puts all the fault on you. Neeti obliterated your marriage, you forfeited for Neeti so much and she doesn’t have any acquaintance with it. Pari says it doesn’t make any difference. She leaves from that point. Babli thinks this is wrong.

Parineeti 5Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Scene 2
Pari comes to the medical clinic and remembers to explain everything with Neeti. She enters the medical clinic and sees Neeti outside her room. Rajiv attempts to stop her yet she doesn’t tune in. Pari gets out whatever would you say you are doing outside your room? It would be ideal for you to rest. Neeti says I would rather not converse with you. Pari gets out whatever happened to you? gives up and talk. Neeti yells that I would rather not converse with you. Pari says we are companions, you would rather not talk? Neeti says I have previously seen what I needed to. Pari expresses swear on me, just talk.

Parineeti Latest Spoiler Alerts 9 December 2022

Neeti converses with Pari and Rajiv. She lets Neeti know that you are thinking incorrectly, there isn’t anything among Sanju and I. Neeti says this uncertainty is decimating me, I’m appalled. Rajiv says Pari is right, there isn’t anything happening between us. Neeti says you are agreeing with her position? Rajiv says simply trust me.. Neeti says you both broke my trust, simply leave from here if not I will leave. Pari says don’t do this. Neeti requests that Rajiv give his telephone. She takes his telephone and calls Gurvindar. She cries and requests that she come to the medical clinic. Gurvindar says I’m coming. Pami and Babli go behind her.

Gurvindar yells at Pari and says you attempted to isolate Rajiv and Neeti? You are liable for her condition. Simply leave our family and get lost. You are so bold, you killed your dad and presently you are attempting to obliterate her life? you are attempting to bait her significant other just when she is pregnant? Neeti cries hearing that. Gurvindar yells that Pari is improper and liable for this. Rajiv yells stop it.. you can’t fault her. Neeti says let her discussion, she is correct. This is all incident on account of Pari, she obliterated my wedded life. Pari is stunned. Neeti’s mom comes there and asks what’s happening? Neeti embraces her and cries. Neeti’s mom wipes Pari’s tears and explains to Gurvindar for what reason would you say you are yelling at her? Pari is my girl as well. I can’t see Pari crying like I can’t see Neeti crying. Gurvindar says Pari made Neeti cry. Neeti’s mom says that can never occur, Pari can never hurt Neeti intentionally. Gurvindar says you trust her to an extreme? you ought to watch out for her. Neeti confided in her aimlessly yet this Pari attempted to bait Neeti’s better half. Neeti’s mom inquires as to whether its valid? Neeti jumps in torment so Pari races to her however Neeti drives her away and says don’t give me support.. I generally upheld you, you were unable to try and get anything all alone, you even couldn’t keep your better half with you so I needn’t bother with your help. You took my help (Rajiv) from me as of now. Pari is harmed hearing all that.

Precap: Neeti’s mom curses Pari. Pari says Neeti you simply center around the way that you and Sanju are hitched and love one another. Babli strolls to everybody and says that Rajiv and Sanju are one person.

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