Parineeti 9 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Parineeti Written Update 9 January 2023

Scene 1
Babli calls Monty and inquires as to whether he got to be familiar with Pari? He says no we are looking for her. Babli says find her soon if not I will follow through with something. Monty yells that we are attempting, he closes the call. Neeti says we shouldn’t overreact, she says we will go to Rakesh’s home, we will find something there.

Written Update Parineeti Today Episode

Babli tells herself that Rajiv is abnormal, he went to get Pari and he is lost with her now, he was unable to try and safeguard her. Gurvinder hears all that and remembers to converse with Rakesh to free her son.Pari tracks down the facility however sees its shut. She sits on the seat and cries in torment. She says I really want to find a way, Rajiv should be in torment. I need to follow through with something. She comes out and about and hears a police alarm. She says they will help me. She stops the van and says my better half is harmed so I’m searching for a specialist. The overseer requests that she sit in the vehicle. She does so he asks what has been going on with her better half? Pari lets him know everything. The inpsector says God demonstrates help that is the reason I tracked down you. Pari expresses gratitude toward him. The auditor expresses out loud whatever was the need to play with the MLA’s child? you realize he has power right? Pari is frightened and asks how can he realize the MLA is involved? She requests that he stop the vehicle yet he says I’m doing this on the grounds that your companion offended and DSP came to reprove me in light of her. Pari sees Leo remaining toward the stopping point. The reviewer reviews how the MLA resented him and advised him to track down the young lady and carry her to his protector Leo, in the event that you do this, I will save your work. The flashback closes. Pari takes the weapon at focuses at him, she says stop the vehicle, he attempts to get her however Pari pushes him out of the vehicle. Leo attempts to run behind her however Pari drives away in the vehicle. Leo’s vehicle begins following him. Pari figures what will I do now? She takes Rajiv’s telephone and calls Monty. She lets him know that they are close to the wilderness, Rajiv needs your assistance so come here quick, she closes the call. Neeti asks what did she say? Monty says they are close to the wilderness, Neeti says gives up there then. Pari sees Leo following her and keeps driving.

Parineeti 9 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Scene 2
Rajiv is in torment yet continues to hang tight for Pari. The man says just relax. Rajiv says why hasn’t she come till now? The man says she ought to have been here at this point. Rajiv gets out whatever on the off chance that she in issue? The man says don’t stress over her, I miss my significant other seeing you stress for her. I recollect my better half used to search for me in the event that I didn’t get back from work on time. Rajiv asks where could his significant other be? The man says she passed on quite a while back, I left the town after her and remain here at this point. Rajiv inquires as to whether he doesn’t feel peculiar without her? He says I do, I invest my energy working however I continue to miss her. We used to stress over one another, basically you are sitting tight for your better half yet I couldn’t do that. Rajiv figures how to let him know that Pari isn’t spouse and I betrayed her yet she has still jeopardized her life for me.

Parineeti Latest Spoiler Alerts 9 January 2023

Pari is driving while Leo attempts to stop her. Monty’s vehicle passes by them and Neeti says I think it was Pari or perhaps I’m dreaming. Pari drives from Leo and hits a tree. Neeti advises Monty to stop the vehicle, I figure we ought to really take a look at this area. They enter the wilderness and find Rakesh’s man lying there oblivious. She says they should be aroung. She shouts for Sanju and Pari.. Rajiv hears somebody calling out so the man lets him know that he will go and back.

Leo stops his vehicle and finds Pari lying oblivious in the vehicle. He says now is the right time to complete my work. His man says lets simply kill her and get done with our task. Leo says she is as yet breathing, I never kill individuals despite their good faith, she ought to know that she kicked the bucket from my hands. She needs to carry on with somewhat more. He says put her in our car.

The man returns home with Neeti. Neeti races to him and cries. Rajiv embraces her firmly while she cries. Neeti sees his injury and cries. Monty asks how did this occur? Rajiv lets them know everything. Neeti asks where could Pari be? Rajiv says she went to get a specialist yet I’m stressed over her. Monty says Pari called us and informed us concerning you. Neeti says I’m stressed over Pari. Rajiv says she should be in a difficult situation if not the MLA’s hooligans wouldn’t extra her. Neeti cries and says we need to track down her at any expense. Rajiv requests that she quiet down and says gives up to look for her. The man says I will take you to the town. Rajiv expresses gratitude toward him for saving his life and expresses petition God for Pari. The man asks who is this young lady? Neeti says I’m his significant other. The man is confused.

Precap: Leo lets Pari know that he works for Ahlawat and Ahlawat has requested him to kill Pari. Monty tells everybody at home that Pari is seized by Ahlawat’s thugs.
Neeti and Rajiv here couple of men talking how a man hit a lady and the lady made a good attempt to shield herself. A lady tells Rajiv that Pari is in a container. Pari is in a casket, covered alive.

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