Pishachini 11 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Pishachini Written Update 11 January 2023

The Episode begins with Sudhakar getting some information about Project worker Ramesh. He asks Rough assuming that he conversed with the development laborers. Rough says I will proceed to converse with them. Effervescent values Vidya for her point. Vidya says I’m flawed like Maasi. She tosses blade at the apple, however it stalls out on the wall. Vidya gets monster and takes the blade from the wall. Everybody gets astonished. Vidya requests that they distinguish the genuine individual utilizing the red glass, you can see the genuine symbol through it. Rough jokes. Dada ji says Pandit ji is accompanying puja stuff and Bade Mahant ji will educate us concerning the answer for dispose of Rani. Sudhakar tells Dada ji that he is getting the wall made to close the reviled land, having great and Pishach tree. Rough says OK, I will get the wall areas of strength for extremely, that no one goes there. He tells that Pavitra was perusing the entire evening, however I dozed. Pavitra sees the impression of 10 heads in her room. Vidya comes there and requests that she have food, then they will filter Nanu’s book pages. Pavitra tells that she can detect 10 head pishachini close to them. Rough requests that every one of the laborers make the huge wall and requests that others keep the puja stuff prepared before Pandit ji comes. Some voice comes as though somebody is discussing the mantras.

Written Update Pishachini Today Episode

Rocky peers down in the well. Pishachini evaporates every one of the laborers. Rough ponders where did every one of the specialists go? He thinks Piku was correct, something perilous will occur, we need to save our family, no one is protected here. The window gets opened without anyone else of Pavitra’s room. Pavitra sees a few birds tumbling down dead and says something will begin. Dada ji comes to the sanctuary and figures he will get arrangement from Pandit ji today to dispose of Pishachini. A person requests that she purchase blossoms for sanctuary. Dada ji says later. All of a sudden he finds every one individuals evaporating and believes on the off chance that Rani has done this. He figures he will go inside the sanctuary as Rani can’t enter there. Sapna, Shikha and others tell about the odd thing occurring. Pavitra asks where is Dada ji and Rocky?Sudhakar says Rough went to make the wall. Rough comes there and tells about the laborers evaporating after they heard everybody’s disappearing. Sudhakar says might be they got frightened and left. Pavitra says Dada ji is protected in sanctuary, we will caution him. Rough tells about the Pishach sound. Vidya and Pavitra tell that it is Pishachini’s admonition. Pavitra says she has done passage with much readiness. Manohar says Dadu’s telephone is at home. Rani seems infront of him. Dada ji inquires as to whether you are Vidya. Rani inquires as to whether you have gone distraught? Dada ji tosses gangajal and Sindoor, however Rani makes defensive sheild around her. Dadu tells her that her shrewd powers won’t work here in the sanctuary. She says she has become Pralay pishachini and shows her 10 heads, stunning Dada ji. Pavitra, Rough and Vidya are in the vehicle. Rani says opportunity has arrived to give mukti to him.Precap: Pavitra, Rough and Vidya arrive at the sanctuary. Rani lets them know that she has killed Dada ji and has gulped him. They cry in despair.


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