Pishachini 12 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Pishachini Written Update 12 December 2022

The Episode begins with Pavitra telling Snake Vidya that something is abnormal. Snake Vidya sees crow and remembers to eat it. Pavitra tells that Rough isn’t coming infront of her and afterward made her wear this ring. She requests that she see the ring and tell her, as she makes sure to see it in Nashak’s book. Snake Vidya says she don’t recall and inquires as to whether you believe that Rough is going to evil and goes. Pavitra thinks abnormal. She sees Effervescent and Manohar going to the room. Effervescent and Manohar come to Sapna and Sudhakar’s room and find the mirror moving. They contact the mirror. Rani comes there and holds their necks, and toss them inside the mirror. Pavitra comes there and couldn’t track down them there. The snakes takes their symbol. Rani

Written Update Pishachini Today Episode

Rocky goes to Pavitra and says shock. Pavitra is stunned to see him transformed into vetaal. Kanika is strolling in the wilderness and sees 4 underhanded spirits coming to the earth. She thinks who are they? The disasters/phantoms descend and go towards the city. Kanika thinks this is the third company. Pavitra sees Dadu, Sapna and Sudhakar coming there. She says Rani has returned. Sapna says they are blissful, so we are cheerful. She chuckles. They all chuckle. Sudhakar says this was foreordained, our bahu Rani has returned. Sapna says Rough has become Agni vetaal. It shows how Rani confines Sudhakar and Sapna in the mirro and replaces them with shapeshifting snakes. Effervescent says it is fun, all family is with them. shikha says all family is at one side and you are distant from everyone else. Vidya says it is fun, yes bhabhi. She goes to remain with them. Pavitra is shell stunned to see her relatives supporting Rani. She says Rani has done dark sorcery on all of you, this can’t be truth. Sapna, Shikha attempt to call her.Sudhakar says we will go out from here. dadu says trust Pavitra, she will follow through with something. Rough says when Rani and Rough meet, then no story is incompleted. Pavitra requests that Rani avoid Rough and says you won’t find success. snake types of Vidya and Effervescent hold Pavitra. Pavitra asks Rough to distinguish her and says you have saved me from Maha Pishach. Rough says the malicious powers have won. She says she has welcomed all tops of the insidious powers. The snake relatives are cheerful . Rani says we will be called as sovereign and lord of the insidious world. Pavitra tells Rough that he is now hitched to her. Rough says he is agni vetaal and has no worth of people and the commitments made to them, says everything is hogwash. Everybody chuckles. Pavitra blacks out and falls down.

Pishachini 7Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Precap: Rani tells Vidya and Shikha nobody can stop me and my Rough at this point. Mausi lets Pavitra know that there is somebody who is double-crossing her family and she needs to track down them. Rough snares Pavitra and says I know every one of your shortcomings, to this end I gave you that ring.


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