Pishachini 14 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Pishachini Written Update 14 December 2022

The Episode begins with Pavitra acquiring cognizance hearing telephone ringtone. She doesn’t take a gander at versatile and says Rough can’t wed. A person comes to Rajput house and considers Rough asking him for what reason he didn’t come to the market. While the person is going to go, Rough comes there and says he has become Agni vetaal. The person asks what’s going on here? Rough goes on the defensive toward make the person tumbles down and fly in air. He says he had barely any insight into this benefit of agni vetaal. The snake group of Dada ji, Sapna and Sudhakar come there. The person argues infront of Rough to leave him. Rough says you will go to only damnation from here and kicks him. The person falls far and remembers to leave. Kanika calls Pavitra. Pavitra picks her call. Kanika inquires as to whether all is great there and says she can detect that something is off-base. Pavitra says your uncertainty is correct, nothing is fine here. Rani scrubs down in the bloom bath. Snake Shikha and Vidya clear water off of her hands.

Written Update Pishachini Today Episode

Snake Dada ji says Agnivetaal Rough is perfect. They appreciate Rough. The snake Sudhakar says we were unable to figure out who is all the more remarkable, Rani or Rough. Rani tells that everything has occurred as she naturally suspected. Pavitra inquires as to why Rani needs to wed Rough, who has become agnivetaal. Kanika says this is what we need to think. Rani advises that to kill divine sign individual, A pishachini needs to wed agni vetaal on puranmaasi night. The equivalent is shown, which she saw in Pishach entryway, wedding Rough and Killing Pavitra. She tells that the world’s strong Agnivetaal and the strong Pishachini marriage will end Bhakt Kumari. She says no one can stop us. She inquires as to whether they are figuring how to tell this to Pavitra and says you can never emerge from the mirror. Sudhakar says how Pavitra will be aware. Dada ji asks him not to worry.Kanika inquires as to whether she saw any adjustment of the family. Pavitra says everybody was acting peculiarly. Kanika inquires as to whether there was change in their body. Pavitra reviews and says they didn’t have the reflection. Kanika says they are not your family, but rather fraud snakes who took your relatives symbol and is wandering in the house. Pavitra says where could my family then, at that point, be? Kanika says there is one method for tracking down them. Rani styles her hair with sorcery. Snake Vidya advises Rani that Bhakt Kumari will attempt to look through her loved ones. Rough says I tracked down the treatment as of now. Pavitra gets the bhasm and tells Kanika. She requests that how use it. Kanika is going to tell her, when Pavitra’s young life mishap streaks infront of her and she feels torment in her mind. She thinks what’s going on. It is occurring because of the ring which Rough made her wear, and says I know all your feeble nerves, and made you wear the ring which associates me with you. He says I will expand your aggravation, with the goal that you receive in it and never come in return. She sees the screen once more and says don’t leave me. She says why my past is tormenting me. Rough comes inside and says you are the explanation. Pavitra gets out whatever did I do? He says bhakt kumari, everybody kicked the bucket as a result of you and you was let be. He says you are the killer of everyone.

Pishachini 9Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Pavitra says Rani is the killer of my family and has grabbed them from me. She says she has grabbed my bliss and youth from me. rough says you have been telling this all life and accusing Rani. She says Rani recently blew, in the event that your Nana ji needed, might have saved himself, yet he saved you and wound up dead. From the mirror, Sapna couldn’t accept what Rough is doing. Dada ji says he can’t be Rough. Pavitra says Rani is the mrderer. Rani calls Rough. Rough says I’m coming, Rani ji. Pavitra blacks out and tumbles down. Sudhakar says Pavitra was generally with us, and when she really wants us, we are confined here. He says we need to get out from here. All of a sudden they see the walls breaking. Vidya says the world behind the mirror is breaking as it doesn’t exist. She says it will break totally. Sapna asks how we will respond? Vidya says just Rani realizes the exit plan. Manohar inquires as to why Rani will free us. Vidya says whoever is confined here, will be covered inside. She says no one can save us now. Everybody gets worried.

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