Pishachini 14 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Pishachini Written Update 14 January 2023

The Episode begins with Pavitra let her family know that Rani has become pralay pishachini now and has become more risky at this point. Rough says they can’t abandon her in this battle. Sudhakar says we will battle together and says on the off chance that Babu ji would have been alive, he would have needed this. Vidya says you generally lead us, don’t leave us. Effervescent says we as a whole are with you. Rough says we need to get payback from the ones we have lost, Prateik, Amrita, Sanchit, Dadu etc.

Written Update Pishachini Today Episode

Vidya lets her family know that the leaves will stop Rani for at some point so they get time to design their procedure. Effervescent glances at her physical issue. Vidya says she is fine and tells that she got injury while bringing Shatru bela. They tell that they need to help Pavitra. Pavitra thinks everybody is buckling down. Shikha comes and actually looks at every one of the hindrances set up which they have kept to stop Rani. Rani blows on shikha and says now you will proceed to rest. She ventures inside Rajput house. Pavitra thinks this boundary won’t work. She assumes she needs to battle with Rani alone. She reviews Dada ji’s words. Rani begins her Pishach puja. Rough glances at Dadu and his pic. Pavitra figures how to let him know that nothing can stop Rani now.She feels woozy. Rough gives her water and really takes a look at her. He says you want rest and requests that she rest. Pavitra says even you really want rest. Rough dozes on her lap. Pavitra thinks she needs to quietly leave and go from that point. She says I’m breaking guarantee made to you and leaving you, I have no alternate way. Sheb says this war is among Rani and I, and I can’t let my better half and family penance. She says my heart beat need to obliterate Rani and return to you, and return to you and become old with you. She says on the off chance that I don’t return, then believe that our harmony is for 7 births and we will meet in next birth. She says I love you Rough, yours until the end of time. She kisses on his cheeks. Judaai tune plays… .Pavitra hears Rani’s call and sees her appearance outside. Rani is remaining outside and figures she don’t have to sit tight for additional time. Pavitra gets up and liberates her dupatta stuck under Rough. She covers him with cover and takes out the family pic in her tote. She assumes she feels glad regardless of whether she passes on. Rani chuckles seeing Pavitra out. Pavitra says it appears you are hanging tight for me, gives up distant from here and end this story. Rani says I will show now or never.

Pishachini 14 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Precap: Rani takes Pavitra to Pishach Devta and says you needed Pavitra inexchange of the Pishach entryway and requests that he kill her.Pavitra figures no underhanded power can endure before Om
furthermore, says I can save my family.


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