Pishachini 24 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Pishachini Written Update 24 December 2022

The Episode begins with Rani picking the hair strands from behind Pavitra, and inquires as to whether she was concealing the bunch in it. She says she needs no defects with the dress. Shikha figures out how to take diya from Pavitra. Rani asks what work you have with Rough? Pavitra doesn’t say anything and goes. Vidya, Kanika and Pavitra balance the light on the tree. Pavitra expresses similarly as Rough rests, I will utilize my heavenly sign and will light the lamp. Vidya says everybody will see. Kanika says it will be sign that everybody will light their diyas simultaneously. Pavitra says then I will raise a ruckus around town in Rough’s heart. kanika says this is the main way out.

Written Update Pishachini Today Episode

Pavitra takes a gander at the infusion and conceals it under the bedsheet. Rough comes there. Pavitra talks sincerely with him. He thinks she is getting impacted by him. Pavitra figures how to stop him. Rough thinks he knows her well, she will stop him in any case. Pavitra turns off the lights and hits the dance floor with Agnivetaal Rough. All the relatives trust that Pavitra will light the lamp, and is grasping diyas. Sudhakar says it is great that Rani took them out from the well.Rani says from where this melody is coming. Vidya plays melody to occupy Rani. Rani comes there and inquires as to for what reason did they play the music. Kanika says they played the music to alleviate the child. Vidya requests that she see child’s response when she changes the melody. Rani says she isn’t intrigued. Pavitra hits the dance floor with Rough and he falls rest. She is going to light the lamp, when Rani comes infront of her and asks what’s happening with she? Pavitra inquires as to whether you didn’t realize that you will not come to recently marries room. Rani says soon Rough will be hers. They have a battle. Everybody hears the sound. They keep on battling. Rough is dozing. Rani tosses a masterpiece at Pavitra. It harms her hand and it begins dying. The blood beads falls on Rough and he awakens detecting its smell.

Pishachini 20Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Precap: Pavitra and Rani get in a battle. Rough wakes up.


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