Pishachini 3 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Pishachini Written Update 3 December 2022

The Episode begins with everybody grieving for Sanchit’s demise and recalls the minutes enjoyed with him. Everybody cries. Shikha cries boisterously. She says Sanchit left us everlastingly, Agni vetaal drops fell on him. She says no one knows how it tumbled down and says I need to tell now. Rough requests that she quiet down. Sapna says let her say. Shikha says I have done many errors and brought Rani back. She laments her activities which brought about Sanchit’s passing. She says I need to come clean regardless of whether you individuals disdain me or toss me out. She tells that the jug fell on Sanchit from … .Pavitra says from my hands. Shikha is stunned.

Written Update Pishachini Today Episode

Rani requests that Snake take her out from the cavern. He says the cavern can’t be opened and tells that he has exceptional abilities and can proceed to come inside. She asks him to handover mani to her. She takes out mani from his neck and he tumbles down on the floor. Rani keeps the mani on her neck, and gets textured skin like a snake. Shikha thinks why Pavitra is saving me, whom I attempted to kill. Pavitra assumes the fault on herself and tells that the container tumbled down from her hands, and she failed to really understand where it tumbled down. Kanika says you can’t do this. Pavitra says I did a serious mix-up. Sapna slaps her hard, faulting her for Sanchit’s demise. Manohar says we are getting late for the last customs. Rough lets Pavitra know that he realizes that she has not done this, however don’t have any idea why she is assuming the fault on herself. Manohar asks Rough to come. Kanika tells that she can feel that somebody is here? Vidya says detestable power. Kanika says I will proceed to check. She goes out as a deer and sees Mendy. Mendy tells that he is following Rani’s requests, she requested that he stand by here. Rani emerges from the cavern as the snake. She has become snake Pishachini and giggles. She says I have returned like generally, what they felt that I will be confined there. She tells her Pishach child who is inside, that he is protected there, and she will before long re-visitation of him.Manohar, Sudhakar, Rough and others take Sanchit’s dead body for last customs. Sarika comes there. Vidya lets Pavitra know that she is Sarika, Sanchit’s old buddy. Sarika comes nerar Sanchit and cries, and says I’m heartbroken. Sudhakar says pot is remaining. Dada ji comes there typical and tells that he has brought it. Rough says Dadu. Dada ji says Slam Naam Satya Hai..everyone needs to go through this one day.

Pishachini Today’s Episode Online

Bubbly lets Sapna know that she saw babu ji. Vidya says Dadu is back. Pavitra figures how this can occur. Sapna informs them everything regarding their Pishach bargain. Pavitra says now Daddy and you.. Dada ji comes as Pishach and says you both need to become Pishach, I won’t go until you both become Pishachs. Everybody gets scared.

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Episode ends.

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