Pishachini 30 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Pishachini Written Update 30 December 2022

The Episode begins with everybody lighting the diyas. Agnivetaal Rough awakens. Rani returns home, however is come by the Pariseema phool. Pavitra takes out the needle and reviews Vidya and Kanika’s words. She supposes in the event that she in all actuality does any error, Rough will lose his life. She runs and gives him infusion on his chest. Rough tumbles down on her. Rani thinks this is Nashak’s doings. A fb is shown, Kanika lets Pavitra know that she will put pariseema’s phool on the way so Rani is halted and Pavitra can get time back to get Rough. Rough becomes human again from agni vetaal and his face becomes typical. He calls Pavitra ask Piku. Pavitra embraces him. Everybody is glad to see Rough back. She thanks bajrang bali. Rani consumes herself and thinks this pariseema phool can’t stop her, she will go inside utilizing the fire. Sapna gets some information about him. Rough tells Sudhakar and others that he can make the inconceivable thing conceivable. He breaks the wall and saves Sapna. Rani actually attempts to get inside the house. Dadu says we can’t remain unfortunate in Pishachini’s grip. Vidya says we have all the weapon. Pavitra says we can do nothing now. Sudhakar says you had just said that we will go after Rani. Pavitra says it is difficult because of his blood swear with Rani.

Written Update Pishachini Today Episode

She says it isn’t not difficult to break the swear made to her, it resembles welcoming a major difficulty. Rough reviews Rani’s words that his Agni vetaal powers will gone to her and he will be annihilated, assuming he breaks the swear. Rough says we need to cause her to accept that I am still agnivetaal. Rani says Nashak, it’s not possible for anyone to stop me.Rocky asks Pavitra to get it done. She holds the blade and cries vulnerably. Rough holds her hand and harms his face utilizing blade, to make Agnivetaal marks. All the relatives couldn’t see and cries. Rani comes inside and asks where is all Workers here. Rough requests that Pavitra pick up the pace. Rani thinks where is Pavitra, just Rough ji might have liberated her. Pavitra applies mud all over to make him seem to be Agnivetaal. Rani comes there and asks Rough, where could Pavitra be? Rough says she is here.

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