Pishachini 7 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Pishachini Written Update 7 December 2022

The Episode begins with Rough coming to the room with Sudhakar and manohar. He says nothing can happen to Piku in my presence. Pavitra eyes has become blue. Rough lets Pavitra know that she needs to retaliate and get back to him. He asks her not to lose her solidarity and requests that she retaliate. The firetorch gets lights. That’s what kanika tells in the event that anybody can save Piku then it is genuine romance’s solidarity. He embraces Pavitra. Everybody encompass them. Red light falls on them. Abruptly Pavitra turns out to be fine as she reawakens. Sapna apologizes to Pavitra. Pavitra embraces her. Sudhakar says this is the affection strength and the trust which they have on one another. Kanika says there is no power than this affection power. Sarika says all is great at this point. Rough asks where could Dadu be? He had accompanied us. Sapna says even Pishach Babu ji hasn’t arrived. They say where did they go? Dadu attempts to tie Rudraksh mala to Pishach Dadu’s hand. Pishach Dadu tosses it and tells that no one can overcome me.

Written Update Pishachini Today Episode

Rocky, Sudhakar and others come there. Pishach Dadu claim to be human Dadu. They tell the occurrences of their lives, making it hard for them. Sudhakar expresses how to figure out at this point. Pavitra says jai hanuman gyan… .Dadu finishes the line. He battles with his pishach and the Pishach is gulped by the tree. Dadu tells that he is genuine Dadu and finishes the jai hanuman lines. Everybody embrace Dadu. Pavitra lets him know that she missed him and his direction. Sapna says we lost Sanchit. Dadu says now we won’t allow anything to happen to any of the family members.After 10 days, Rani values the snakes for carrying her child to her. She takes child to Pishach lok. Sarika acclaims the family holding and says Sanchit generally used to adulate them. Pavitra says we are a family. Sapna says it is great that all of you have secured Pishachini in the cavern. Rough tracks down injury on his hand and supposes if Agni vetaal returned. He figures he will not tell Pavitra. pavitra takes a gander at him from far. He goes. Rani lets her child know that she can send her foe to crematorium ground.

Pishachini Today’s Episode Online

Precap: Rough and Pavitra hang out. Rani emerges from magma and says Rajputs now is the right time to observe, Rani is back. Rani fights against eminent loss Rough, Rough has his eyes red.


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