Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 13 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai Written Update 13 December 2022

The Episode begins with Malhar making an arrangement to get his payback. He requests that Peshwa come. He requests that they see his arrangement once. Peshwa says I can’t uphold you in this arrangement, I don’t maintain that you should go after the Kumher post, I believe you should peruse this message and acknowledge it, I got this today. Malhar peruses Surajmal’s tranquility proposition. He says no, this is preposterous, I need to get payback for Khanderao’s passing, I can’t think twice about his demise, don’t request that I acknowledge this proposition. Ahilya says OK, I need to know this from him, who is he, who is answerable for Khanderao’s passing, I m getting some information about this. Dwarka says everybody realizes Surajmal had gone after Khanderao. Ahilya says no, Surajmal had taken on the conflict, he might have lost in the fight, yet he was unable to overcome Khanderao by battling him, Khanderao was savvy and courageous, somebody had gone after him. Dwarka asks who. Ahilya expresses somebody from the family. She reviews Ramjani’s words. Gautama asks how might you say this so definitely. Ahilya says Khanderao was making the passage, only couple of individuals knew it, how did Surajmal knew this, somebody from the family told him, I need his name who has deceived us, I need to know that double crosser’s character. Malhar asks are you truly requesting that I acknowledge that individual’s proposition who grabbed my child, his remains are lying here, will I excuse that individual who grabbed my and my family’s satisfaction, can any regarded father do this on his child’s misfortune, no, I decline to this proposition, I won’t think twice about Surajmal, I will not pardon him. Peshwa says I figure out your state. Malhar says no, you’re not understanding, else you would have not told this. Peshwa says the fight is happening since months, you lost your child. Malhar says OK, he has forfeited his life for Marathas’ pride, how are we doing him. Peshwa says we likewise lament, think well, you’re not only a dad yet additionally Malwa Subedaar, remember that Surajmal is likewise a valiant fighter, many troopers will lose lives and much cash will be spent to overcome Surajmal. Malhar asks is that cash demon than my child, no, we will not have any restrict with him, we will simply fight. He takes his sword. He plunks down before Peshwa and demands him. He says don’t grab my right of vengeance for my child, I can’t give this right to anybody. Ahilya requests that the gatekeepers tell her beginning and end, who went out from the Chavni and where. Monitors give her the data. She asks what is your take, fine, you have not many hours, get the whole subtleties for me. Tukoji comes and requests that she come soon, none can quiet down Malhar aside from her. She comes to Malhar. Malhar says you don’t uphold me yet don’t prevent me from taking on this conflict. He requests that Peshwa see Ahilya, her grin and bliss went with Khanderao, how might they team up, no way.

Written Update Punyashlok Ahilya Bai Today Episode

She requests that he quiet down. He says you understand what proposition Surajmal has sent. She says I know, Tukoji told me. Shinde determines what Surajmal is offering them. He says Surajmal has given a proposition of making a Chatri of Khanderao’s name, he is offering appreciation to another champion, we ought to acknowledge this. Malhar says no. Peshwa says you are familiar governmental issues and arranging, its from the brain, not heart, you are a Subedaar and a lord, we ought to choose for individuals’ improvement. Malhar says it will be shamefulness with Ahilya, I can’t meet her eyes. Peshwa requests that Ahilya make sense of Malhar. Ahilya says as a spouse, I likewise need to rebuff the guilty party for Khanderao’s passing, however you trained me to think as a sovereign likewise, right, what will occur assuming we fight for vengeance, many warriors will wind up dead, their wives will likewise transform into widows like me, we will get one triumph and shouts of thousands of ladies, no fight gives us anything over this, that is the reason you choose now, I will acknowledge your decision.Dwarka comes to meet Gunu ji. She asks is Khanderao’s demise associated with you. He says no, I need the high position, however his demise wasn’t my rationale. She expresses voracity for the lofty position can cause you to do anything. Peshwa apologizes to Ahilya for offending her. He says you had said right, you are a major champion, I wish Shiv Shambu invigorates you more, so you make Marathas name sparkle and fill Khanderao’s place. She takes his blessings.

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 8Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Surajmal apologizes to Malhar. He says I need to end this fight. Ahilya says this joint effort will happen when you let me know the name of the individual who informed you about Khanderao.


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