Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 2 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode 6 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 2 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Written Update 6 february 2023

The Episode begins with Mukta asking Ahilya to never cry. She says snicker now, else I will stimulate you. She stimulates Ahilya and makes her snicker. Ahilya cries and embraces her. She says one day you will get hitched. Mainabai says when Mukta gets hitched, I will be there as your solidarity, I won’t allow you to cry. Ahilya embraces them with adoration. Maina signs Mukta to say. Ahilya asks what occurred, tell me. Maina requests that Mukta say. Mukta says we needed to go on Van bhojan with companions, we figured you won’t allow us to go. Ahilya says we can’t leave living by somebody’s trepidation, you both go, I will request that gatekeepers go with you. They say thanks to her and hug.

Written Update Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 2 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Today Episode

Guards go discussing Mukta’s Van bhojan plan. A man hears this and grins. He leaves. Kishan says Mukta is coming for Van bhojan, I m the ruler of this timberland, I will invite her. Bheels shoot the bolts at the town houses. The residents get ready. Mukhiya says its Kishan Naik’s message, they will come to take the assessment and grains. The townspeople get frightened. The man request that Mukhiya follow through with something and help. Tukoji inquires as to for what reason are you sending Mukta to the backwoods. Ahilya says I know, we can’t stop our exercises because of their apprehension, they will get certain, our Praja won’t confide in us. He says this isn’t all in all correct to jeopardize Mukta. She says watchmen will go with her, I m her mum, how might I make her go alone, assuming I prevent Mukta from going, individuals will think we got frightened of them. He asks are you making some arrangement. Mukta and Maina come there with their companions. Mukta says we are prepared for the Van bhojan, my companions needed to much obliged. Ahilya says compelling reason need to thank, plan to leave, have a good time, recollect you will have watches for insurance. Dushyant receives the message from Kishan.Tukoji says you ought to send Malerao with Mukta. Rakma says OK, it’s a decent idea. Ahilya requests that she see the food plans. She gives the note to Tukoji. He asks what are you thinking. She requests that he come. They leave. Rakma grins. Malerao battles with a grappler. He loses and chides the man. The man says I was adhering to the guidelines. He stresses. Malerao says I will show you the standards. He rebuffs the man. He requests that the men chuckle now. The men giggle. Malerao beats the man and undermines of rebuffing with a capital punishment. The man says its off-base, I will grumble to Ahilya. Malerao blows up and beats him a ton. Gautama and Harku come. Gautama yells Malerao and stops him. She admonishes him. He says that man was undermining me of Ahilya, how horrendously awful of he. He goes. Rakma grins. Harku says his outrage and contempt for Ahilya are expanding. Gautama says I need to converse with Ahilya, where is she. Ahilya really takes a look at the bolts. Mukhiya requests that she help.
Ahilya says I have allowed Mukta to go, it’s a piece of my arrangement. Gautama asks what, plan?


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 2 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Latest Spoiler Alerts 6 february 2023


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