Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 2 january 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai Written Update 2 january 2023

The Episode begins with Rakma giving the kheer to Gangoba. He asks what’s the uplifting news. She asks don’t you know, Malhar will report Ahilya as the new leader of Malwa, its odd that a lady will manage on Malwa, she is a widow. She insults him. He stresses and remembers to follow through with something. She grins. The man says Ahilya will figure out how to catch our state, we need to overcome her and show her that we won’t follow anybody from Holkars, I m the Lord here. Tukoji says give regions have revolted and pronounced themselves as the rulers. Ahilya asks what, our property got partitioned, this can’t occur, they aren’t understanding, that solidarity is our solidarity, we will battle among ourselves today and pariahs will prevail upon us, we need to follow through with something and keep our solidarity, we will win them by our solidarity, we need to take Malhar’s authorization and begin this mission, we need to join the Malwa at any expense. He gestures. Rakma stops Malerao and asks what will occur on the off chance that Ahilya realizes you are here. He asks how will she respond, she will either admonish or rebuff, what else does she know. Rakma says Ahilya can deal with the Rajya, however she is a mum, don’t have any idea what will occur of the children. Gangoba says it will be great, it will not occur as you suspect, its great you came to take care of me kheer, simply see what occurs. He goes. Ahilya says I need to examine something devil. Malhar says we will constantly battle for Malwa, I will continuously serve Malwa at whatever point I m required, yet presently I m here to report the main successor to this lofty position, I pronounce Ahilya as the proprietor of this high position. Peshwa comes and stops him. Malhar welcomes him and requests that he sit. Peshwa says you can’t give the privileged position to a widow, I don’t acknowledge this.

Written Update Punyashlok Ahilya Bai Today Episode

He says I regard you a ton, I acknowledged your choices, yet entirely not this one. Malhar asks him the explanation. He says I m quiet, I m fine, I m attempting to comprehend, how can we characterize capacity of an individual, since she is a lady, that too a widow. Shinde says you are choosing this in a profound state, since she is your bahu. Malhar says OK, I m grateful to get such a bahu. He contends with Peshwa.Peshwa expresses quiet down, we as a whole know Ahilya’s ability and fortitude, I favored her as well, however it’s something else to rule on a territory alone, she can’t take choices alone, she really wants your direction, she didn’t adapt dependent upon her distress. Ahilya expresses sorry to meddle, Khanderao and I got raised together, we were educated to remain steadfast and safeguard everybody, our own misfortune never impacted our obligation, it won’t ever do. Peshwa says it implies you likewise chose this. She legitimizes herself.

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 2


2023 Written Update Today Episode

Peshwa cautions Malhar. Gangoba quiets down Peshwa. He requests that Peshwa have food and take rest, they will talk about this later. Malhar says no, I have chosen it, I will resign, Ahilya will have my spot. Gangoba clarifies Malhar for think once. Malhar stresses. Gangoba says Peshwa knows Ahilya’s capacities, he lauds her political choices yet he will not acknowledge her as a sovereign, Malhar will constantly be the Ruler of Malwa for him. Ahilya says in the event that his reasoning is correct, how is Malhar’s reasoning incorrectly. Gangoba asks are you getting narrow minded for the lofty position. Malhar says Gangoba. Gangoba says sorry. She says no, I m not getting self centered, its simply a discernment, I m supporting Malhar’s reasoning, for what reason mightn’t a lady at any point handle the Rajya.

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Malhar says no, I can’t do this. Ahilya says we as a whole trust you. He says I can’t do this. She prays.

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