Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 21 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai Written Update 21 December 2022

The Episode begins with Gunu ji attempting to kill the man. Ahilya comes and stops him. He says its great you came, he is Surajmal’s covert agent, I got him. She reviews Khanderao and her children. Gunu ji says I was attempting to acquire reality front of you. She gives him a tight slap. Gunu ji gets stunned. He holds his cheek and turns unsteady. She says you can’t be known as a sibling, its an affront. She reviews Dushyant enlightening her regarding the covert operative. Tukoji comes and says I got a pixie news, we had sent the troopers to Kumher stronghold, one of them is dead, another is injured, don’t have any idea where is he. Ahilya sees the blood stains there. FB closes. Ahilya admonishes Gunu ji. She says Khanderao used to call you his help, he confided in you aimlessly, he used to laud you and accepted you as a companion and sibling, you have done this, do you have any idea who is a sibling, who can battle inside the house, in the event that outcast tells anything, he safeguards, it’s anything but an error, you have fouled up. She says your slip-ups have become sins, I m remaining here as a widow today. She cries.

Written Update Punyashlok Ahilya Bai Today Episode

She asks what did you get by grabbing everything from us, you have grabbed Khanderao from us all, I need a response, for what reason did you do this. She slaps him. She requests that he say. Tukoji stops her. He additionally reprimands Gunu ji. He says individuals pass on for family, they get defenseless for family, similar to I m here today, I wish you weren’t Sita’s significant other. He gets Gunu ji’s neck and says you have killed every one of the relations. Gunu ji yells indeed, I have done everything, good cause is consistently noble cause, I was able to turn into Malwa’s main beneficiary, I was dependably in front of Khanderao, however I had no opportunity to demonstrate my capacities, Khanderao wasn’t fit and meriting, and still, after all that he got it, even his demise. She yells stop it, in the event that you say a word presently, see. She says you assume you had the right to become Malwa main successor, you were thinking you are equivalent to Khanderao, it can’t work out, you’re not any fearless fighter, you made no fight arrangement, yet cheated to manipulate Khanderao. She reproves him further. She says you have involved Khanderao’s insurance as your safeguard, you needed to get equivalent to him, you had no heart like him, you needed to leave poison for that.She takes his pagdi. She gives it to the trooper. She says you don’t merit this regard. He requests that she mind her language. She takes his blade and focuses at his throat. She chastens him. She says its demon to rebuff an individual like you. Tukoji requests that she quiet down. She says you were engaged with Malerao’s hijacking, am I saying right. Gunu ji says OK. She says you were behind any connivance against Khanderao, I wish he understood your tendency that time, he would have killed you as well, you are additionally similar to your father. He requests that she shut up. She says I would rather not hear something from you. Tukoji says Malhar will figure Gunu ji out. She says no, on the off chance that this is off-base, let me do this today. She takes a pole and beats him. She says let me get payback, he has turned me a widow and my children vagrants. Gunu ji gets arrested.

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 16Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Tukoji says Ahilya had sent the covert agent, Gunu ji had spilled data about Khanderao, he has acknowledged it. Malhar goes to kill Gunu ji.


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