Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 25 January 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai Written Update 25 January 2023

The Episode begins with Ahilya discussing her thoughts with Harku. Harku favors her. She requests that she supplicate, Shiv Shambu will invigorate her. She requests that she come, she will take the things. Ahilya says no, that opportunity didn’t arrive. Harku asks are you not concurring with Malhar’s choice. Ahilya says I concur, yet I need to converse with Malerao first. Tukoji tells about Ahilya’s triumph. Malhar says she has kept my confidence, did you see Gangoba, she has won, I m seeing that you actually question her fortitude and smartness.

Written Update Punyashlok Ahilya Bai Today Episode

Tukoji says I have seen her oversight and dauntlessness in the combat zone, she is not set in stone, simply a decent Ruler can do this. Malhar requests that Gangoba say. Gangoba says I realize she is courageous and talented, I acclaim her, she has every one of the characteristics, yet she can’t be a Lord. He contends with Malhar and says simply a ruler can sit on the high position. Malhar says you realize Ahilya well and have been seeing her capacities since adolescence. Watch comes and illuminates something. Malhar asks what occurred. Gangoba says Peshwa’s message has come. Ahilya plays out the puja. Rakma indoctrinates Malerao. He indignantly goes. He pushes the worker. He comes to the sanctuary. Ahilya says I felt happy seeing you at the sanctuary. He says I m vulnerable to come and meet you. She inquires as to for what reason are you powerless. He asks where will I find you, you stay in this sanctuary, darbar or the fight ground, you lack the capacity to deal with me. She says you accomplished something useful to come here, come and have a darshan. She says you are my mum, you didn’t salute me till now. Ahilya giggles. He says you think my marriage is a joke, you’re troubled. She embraces him and expresses accompany me, stay here. She says I m not ridiculing you, I m content with your marriage, I m stressed. He requests what. She says marriage is a major liability, when a person turns into a man of the hour, he needs to deal with his lady. She makes sense of him.She says Mainabai is extremely lovely, she talks sweet, right, you can deal with her when you change yourself, you need to control your annoyance and quit offending older folks, did you comprehend. He lashes out. He says you generally call me terrible, you find Mainabai pretty, you respect me a fiend, not your child. Ahilya stresses. Malhar peruses Peshwa’s message. He gives it to Gangoba. He says I will before long give the answer. Gangoba asks what did he write in the message. Malhar tells about the aggressors. Tukoji says it implies he will target Delhi now. Malhar says OK, so Delhi Lord has asked Peshwa’s assistance, we need to leave for Delhi soon, this can be destructive for Malwa. Gangoba says we need to stop him there itself, will I start arrangements on the off chance that you say. Malhar stresses. Once more, gangoba asks. Malhar says see the time, joy came here after quite a while, Ahilya recently returned, its not the perfect opportunity, let some time elapse, don’t tell anybody, I will tell Ahilya later. Malerao says you can’t see my bliss, you grab my joy. She says I m your mum, how might you suspect as much. He says I m right, I m the future ruler of Malwa, a lord can do nothing off-base. She admonishes him. She asks Dwarka not to protect him. She irately takes Malerao with him.
Ahilya says Mainabai is beautiful, yet she will not get something similar and regard after marriage. Everybody worries.


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