Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 26 November 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai Written Update 26 November 2022

The Episode begins with Ahilya yelling and testing Surajmal. She says Khanderao will offer you a response. Khanderao says you will get liberated from me when one of us won’t remain alive. He consumes the letter and says we will not have any cooperation. Tukoji grins. They serenade har Mahadev… . Surajmal and Maan Singh look on. Surajmal says Khanderao didn’t do this right, I actually have your shortcoming in my grasp, you need to twist down before me tomorrow.

Written Update Punyashlok Ahilya Bai Today Episode

Malhar and Gangoba meet Peshwaji and Shinde. Peshwaji says I received Malhar’s message about Khanderao’s central goal, what might I do for you. Malhar says this fight is important to keep Maratha’s name, we ought to help Khanderao, on the off chance that you grant, Shinde and I will leave for Kumher. He asks did anything occur. Peshwaji says we need to figure out what’s going on, you got Khanderao’s letter, I got a letter as well. Malhar asks whose. Peshwaji says Surajmal’s.The women talk that the post lord needs to come for the puja today. Maan Singh converses with the pandit. He says Surajmal will come here for Chadava and afterward he will leave, there ought to be nobody around then. Ahilya is in camouflage. She hears this. Maan singh goes. Ahilya thinks I realized Surajmal will come, Devi maa will favor us. Peshwaji says I regard your feelings, Khanderao is your child, his triumph will do right by us, however we really want reserves, you know our status, we don’t have anything in the fortunes. Malhar asks what are you trying to say. Shinde says Surajmal has sent a proposition, he will give us 40 lakhs cash on the off chance that Khanderao leaves from that point. Malhar says yet he is our foe. Peshwaji says we need to team up with our foes, as per our Shastras. Malhar says I will get Surajmal’s whole line in your feet. Peshwaji says you are correct, now is the ideal time to pursue a choice, my choice is… .

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Khanderao requests that Ahilya keep an eye, he will glance around. Ahilya sees somebody breaking the coconut and supplicating. She sees the individual leaving. She says Surajmal needed to break the coconut, that individual broke the coconut, is he Surajmal. Khanderao goes to see. She says he vanished, it implies he was Surajmal. Khanderao rushes to track down Surajmal. Surajmal runs. The two of them battle in the wilderness. Ahilya additionally battles Surajmal’s men in the town. Khanderao goes to cut Surajmal. Surajmal tosses sand in his eyes and kicks him. He takes off. Khanderao can’t see. Surajmal vanishes. Khanderao yells Surajmal. Ahilya comes there and asks are you fine. Khanderao says Surajmal got away. She says this letter came from Malhar. He understands it and stresses. She asks what occurred. He blows up. He says Peshwa Sarkar and Malhar sent this message, they believe that I should work together with Surajmal.

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Ahilya says we will not acknowledge this choice, we will make sense of him our discernment. Peshwaji declines to their arrangement and tears the letter.

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