Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 5 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode


Punyashlok Ahilya Bai Written Update 5 february 2023

The Episode begins with Malerao contending with Ahilya. She says you have grown up, yet didn’t become dependable, do you know the significance of turning into a Lord, an individual doesn’t turn into a ruler by his lavishness, however by his extravagance, a ruler’s most memorable expectation and obligation is to consider his kin’s benefit. Gautama expresses bliss in the castle after numerous years, for what reason are you saying this. Ahilya says OK, Malerao has grown up. She tells about the Bheels going after the baraatis. She says the children have become vagrants, they were crying at their mum’s demise, I had seen the elderly folks individuals weeping for their families, I can’t fail to remember that episode. She cries. He says you could see individuals’ aggravation, not mine, you have turned into their mum, I can never turn into my mum. She says OK, I m their mum, today my kin are crying a direct result of you, Bheels’ concern were your obligation, you didn’t help them, I don’t have any idea how you will respond when you become a Lord, figure out how to associate yourself with individuals. Gangoba says sorry, Peshwa has chosen to make Malerao the beneficiary. Ahilya says he has no clue about what’s going on here, when opportunity arrives, I will tell him, I regard him a ton, however this choice isn’t really great for Malwa, when Malhar returns from mission, we will examine with him, its my solicitation to all of you.

Written Update Punyashlok Ahilya Bai Today Episode

Malerao furiously leaves. Mainabai stops him. Malerao blows up on the watchman. Mainabai apologizes to the gatekeeper. Ahilya and Gautama look on. Ahilya says Malerao doesn’t see his mix-up, he simply puts his slip-ups on others, seeing my child like this, I believe I have lost as a mother. Watch comes and tells something to Tukoji. Gautama says nothing has ruined, you can change Malerao, invest energy with him. Tukoji stresses. He says our government operative has the dacoit news. Ahilya says we will see them. She leaves. Gautama says you need to adjust among Praja and family, else a mum can truly lose one day. Rakma looks on. Malerao goes distraught out of resentment. Mainabai comes before him. He yells. She says I see you since adolescence, you get outrage generally. He says Ahilya rankles me. She says I m your better half, what’s my place in your life. He embraces her and quiets down. He requests that she support her. Ahilya and Tukoji enter the wilderness. Bheels utter sounds and illuminate one another. Ahilya hears it and asks did you hear some sound. Tukoji says no, what occurred. A man gazes at Ahilya. Tukoji says Bheels stay around here, what occurred, is everything fine. He advises the watchmen to remain around there. He says we need to think that they are out, all of you need to remain alarm and find them, they can be between us, stop any dubious movement. Ahilya says I feel they are watching out for us covertly. A man comes and illuminates Bheels. The main says Ahilya is stressed. They all dance joyfully. Ahilya and Tukoji see a man and question him. He says I will proceed to call the gatekeepers, remain here. He goes. She hears some sound and goes to see. She sees a man injured.Precap:
A man assaults Ahilya and swoons her down.


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