Radha Mohan 12 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Radha Mohan Written Update 12 December 2022

Radha calls Mohan for help, he asks why maybe Radha called for help and where is she now. Kaveri inquires as to whether they ought to leave since Mohan has arrived at the Mandap, Tulsi shouts her girl wouldn’t have the option to arrive at the Mandap, she powers Kaveri out of the room prior to shutting the entryway seeing which Damini is dazed. Kaveri getting up shouts the phantom tossed her like a football and her back is broken, Damini hurries to the entryway calling her mom, she reluctantly makes sense of that today is her wedding with Mohan which has been her fantasy since long and Tulsi broke it once previously, Tulsi answers it is preposterous that she allows her to do without taking any kind of action when she attempted to hurt Radha on the grounds that she believes her should shut down this madness.

Written Update Radha Mohan Today Episode

Radha is continually beating the glass attempting to escape while Parthap alongside his snicker as her endeavors bear no products of the soil even harms herself. Radha begins shouting when she sees Mr Trivedi sitting in the corner drinking liquor so she attempts to call him however he doesnot answer anything, Radha thinks about what kind of issue she in is since she ahs to take Kaka jee home while additionally safeguard the existence of Mohan and Gungun any other way Damini would demolish the whole family. Parthap requests that she shout significantly more, so she should do it.Damini with tears in her eyes shouts Tulsi needs her to do nothing amiss with Radha except for she would unquestionably need to kick the bucket very much like Tulsi passed on and they shouldn’t attempt to stop the wedding of their better half since here the Agni will light for her wedding while the Chitta for Radha, Tulsi out of frustration shouts it is enough as even Bhagwan wouldn’t pardon such a demonstration yet she is as yet a phantom, Tulsi can’t hurt Damini in view of the Kankanchaura, Tulsi is tossed in the corner when Damini begins smiling.

Radha Mohan 7Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Kaveri shouts that the apparition is by and by beating her little girl even today when she is going to get hitched, she demands Tulsi to not beat her little girl. The whole family is stunned to hear things falling, Kaveri quickly makes sense of her girl is so energized so is making things fall, Damini strolls close to Tulsi shouting she should become acclimated to this aggravation as Damini can battle anybody for her Mohan, so today even Tulsi will endure. Kaveri contemplates whether Damini is even alive. Damini makes sense of Tulsi gave her a great deal of agony yet this time she is the person who might endure on the grounds that she didn’t actually bite the dust calmly and returned to this world yet Damini harms Tulsi who calls Mohan for help.

Radha Mohan Latest Spoiler Alerts 12 December 2022

Mohan stands up from the Mandap, Kadambari questions where he is going as it’s anything but a decent sign, Gungun calls Radha however her telephone is on the floor., Parthap with a grin shouts she is calling her and the two of them play a game with her versatile. Parthap’s companion shouts they couldn’t make any meaningful difference with that young lady, Parthap makes sense of Radha behaves like her guardian so when she is dead, they would likewise end her life, Radha takes steps to kill them once she gets out assuming they consider hurting Gungun, Parthap answers they are not chipping away at her orders, he shouts just her phantom will emerge from this tank. Radha makes reference to a mother can safeguard her kids in any event, when she turns into the phantom, he arranges his men to speed up the water.

Damini specifies she attempted to take off from Tulsi a ton of time yet she didn’t let her leave and on second thought slapped her, she was even swung from the house as Tulsi attempted to rebuff her. Damini specifies yet she is limited by the promise which Mohan constrained her to make as she can’t come before anybody related with Mohan or his family member, she is likewise going to get hitched with Mohan today.

Radha is making an honest effort to get out when they speed up the water, Gungun is making an honest effort to contact Radha yet her telephone isn’t interfacing and afterward it is exchanged off.

Mohan makes sense of he is truly strained and feels something is off-base anyway Kadambari cautions that he would just leave after he is hitched to Damini, the Pandit jee requests that Kadambari call the lady of the hour as the time is finishing, Mohan promptly asks where is Radha which dazes everybody, Kadambari is stunned when Ketki illuminates him that he is wedding Damini and not Radha, she inquires as to whether he is fine when he answers nothing out of sorts has occurred except for where is Radha as everybody ought to have been here when they realize there is a wedding.

Radha shouts she would give her life when Bihari jee requests it however not under such conditions since she actually has a ton of obligations that she really wants to take care off. She is seeing the water demands Parthap to let her go, he with a grin makes reference to they generally should take the stand Radha is mentioning them to save her life. Parthap is partaking in the circumstance referencing now her time has finished and she will die.

Damini specifies even Tulsi can’t hurt her, Tulsi considers how Damini is familiar with this commitment since she has previously been away from every one of those whom she cherishes, Damini guarantees Tulsi wouldn’t have the option to hurt her in every one of the lives that are to come, Tulsi irately shouts that she wouldn’t allow her to get hitched to Mohan. Kaveri contemplates whether Tulsi has killed Damini when she gradually calls her to come out.

Ketki illuminates Mohan there are a ton of ways of winning the care case however Mohan bhai shouldn’t wed Damini on the off chance that he isn’t prepared, Kadambari cautions her to not attempt to stop this wedding since this is the best way to have the guardianship of Gungun. Kadambari educates Ketki to proceed to bring Damini, she leaves when Ajeet additionally requests that she bring Damini.
Parthap goes to Mr Trivedi addressing for what reason is he simply staying there as they should appreciate, they all begin moving seeing which Radha is truly frightened. Parthap leaves with his men while having a grin on his face.

Radha considers what condition they have made of kaka jee since he isn’t even in his detects, she takes a stab at calling him however he doesnot answer by any means. Radha is worried.

Damini picks the portable requesting that Tulsi perceive how Radha is sincerely attempting to get out, she makes sense of she isn’t that awful individual and would kill her rapidly after which the two of them ought to play the game together, Damini is giggling anyway Tulsi is terrified. Mohan is truly strained remaining in the Mandap.

Precap: Radha is yelling for help. Damini’s mother requests that Mohan convey forward the function. Gungun strolls to Mohan and holds his hand. According to she, kindly don’t wed Damini, Radha is in harm’s way. According to mohan, let me know what befell her, I’m asking already.

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