Radha Mohan 15 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Radha Mohan Written Update 15 December 2022

Tulsi utilizing her powers figures out how to break the glass holder anyway should break it with a great deal of solidarity, Radha is lying oblivious on the floor, Parthap and his companion are hit with the glass shards and stressed what could have occurred, they begin eliminating them. Tulsi hurries to Radha attempting to awaken her yet she doesn’t answer, Parthap shouts Damini won’t allow him to live on the off chance that Radha stays alive, he intends to cut her throat with the shard. Tulsi hears his arrangements and gets angry, she holds him by his neck seeing which his companion is stressed so hurries to his assistance, Tulsi then, at that point, even drives him away while suffocating Parthap, the two of them ask who is there, Tulsi by and by tosses Parthap in the corner, in the mean time Radha hacks and is going to awaken, Tulsi then tosses the other accomplice in the corner seeing which Radha is shocked. She gradually sits up as Tulsi is hitting both Parthap and his companion, she is stunned. Radha is truly scared.

Written Update Radha Mohan Today Episode

Mohan asks maa where did she send Radha, Kadambari answers she send her to the market, Mohan shouts she ought to have returned at this point thus he will proceed to check, Mohan is going to leave the Mandap and, surprisingly, the Gantbnadhan opens however Kadambari stops him inquiring as to whether he was leaving by opening the Gantbnadhan, Mohan is stressed over Radha. Kaveri questions why they are so stressed over Radha on the grounds that she is becoming weary of hearing her name constantly, she shouts Radha would return inevitably. Kadambari trains Mohan to return, he is as yet reluctant when she illuminates this isn’t some typical Pooja yet his wedding mandap and it’s anything but a decent sign to leave like this, Kadambari even reproves Gungun and Ajeet saying this is a wedding, the two of them should zero in on this wedding. Once more pandit jee makes sense of the hour of the custom is passing and they should satisfy the custom, Kadambari causes Mohan to swear on her life, that he wouldn’t leave this Mandap.Radha is truly stunned when Tulsi embraces her, she is crying with dread reasoning there is something risky happening here, Radha asks who is here in a scarred voice, she shouts she felt her previously so who is she, Tulsi guarantees there is compelling reason should be terrified as she is Tulsi.

Radha Mohan 10Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Radha sees Mr Trivedi sitting in the corner so races to him, Parthap is hacking who shouts assuming Bhagwan came for her assistance, his companion answers it is a phantom so the two of them run for their lives.

Radha Mohan Latest Spoiler Alerts 15 December 2022

Radha inquires as to whether he is fine, he is awakening ponders where is he and how could he arrive, Radha answers this is all the doing off Damini yet he should not be stressed since she came here to bring him back home, Mr Trivedi falls oblivious so Radha thinks she needs to bring him back home regardless of the circumstance, Radha ties Mr Trivedi subsequent to seating on the scooty, mentioning him to not fall. Radha thinks she simply should stop the wedding of Mohan jee. Tulsi supplicates or Radha and herself disappears.

Mohan eliminates his hand from her head, Damini is happy her arrangement is going to satisfy. Kadambari then plays out the Gantbnadhan.

Radha is driving the scooty overall quite well and with sped up, Kadambari asks Pandit jee to begin the ceremonies, he makes sense of that in this the man of the hour is to give his promises while playing out the primary custom and, surprisingly, the lady should consent to constantly stay close by, Mohan reviews the day he wedded Tulsi. Damini is happy yet is stunned to see Mohan who is strained, Kadambari then, at that point, signals him to play out the ritual.

Radha requests that Mohan stop, she is remaining before the Mandap while Damini and Kaveri both are stunned of how she returned. Gungun is happy. Radha shouts this wedding can’t occur, Kadambari questions what she is talking about and assuming that she has freaked out, and what has befallen her. Radha answers she would tell about her condition later yet she should stop this wedding at present, Kadambari inquires as to for what reason can it not occur when Mr Trivedi shouts he will tell her the explanation, Damini and Kaveri are dazed, Radha is really glad. Kaveri thinks the apparition figured out how to save Mr Trivedi, he makes sense of Damini is neither reasonable for this house or Gungun and Mohan, she I going to demolish this house, and even obliterate the existence of both Mohan and Gungun. Mr Trivedi staggers when Radha races to help him alongside Ajeet and Kadambari.

Radha sees the murti off Bihari outside the house, she considers how he arrived, Radha demands Ajeet to deal with Mr Trivedi as he is sick while she will return, Radha picks the Murti asking Bihari jee who set him outside, she is worried.

Radha turns around to enter when she sees the security safeguard which is brunt and broken, she thinks how it broke as it was generally tied.

Ajeet demands mr Trivedi to deal with himself, Kadambari inquires as to whether he is fine when he guarantees nothing has happened to him, the two of them can’t bear the smell of liquor, Kadambari inquires as to whether he is tanked, Mr Trivedi gradually strolls to remain before Mohan mentioning him to not wed this young lady, Kadambari asks what is he talking about, Mr Trivedi turns mentioning her to pay attention to him and stop this wedding as Damini isn’t appropriate for Mohan any other way she would demolish their whole family, while even obliterate the existence of Mohan and Gungun. He demands her to stop this marriage. Mohan asks what is he talking about or has he tipsy a ton, Gungun concurs with her Granddad requesting that Mohan not wed Damini, he anyway chides her. Gungun strolls to Mohan shouting he guaranteed her that in the event that Damini made the bogus commitment, he wouldn’t wed her, Mohan reviews when he shouted it is off-base a they should be tossed out of the tournament.

Mr Trivedi shouts he has grasped the whole truth about Damini so wouldn’t demolish the existence off his child by getting them both wedded, he demands Mohan to not wed Damini as she isn’t appropriate for this family. Kaveri shouts he has recaptured his faculties subsequent to drinking, Damini ponders who saved Radha, she is stunned to see the assurance safeguard which is broken so acknowledges Tulsi saved her, Tulsi shouts genuine romance has the most strength and nothing can stop it, Damini commitments to get hitched to Mohan not make any difference the circumstance, she shouts her last card is still with her. Yet again mr Trivedi shouts Damini isn’t reasonable for this family. Radha demands him to uncover the whole truth to the family, they all get worried.

Precap: Damini shares with Radha, would you say you are distraught? what are you getting by doing this? Radha shares with Damini, your game won’t work today, everybody will know the truth.

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