Radha Mohan 15 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode 18 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Radha Mohan 15 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Written Update 18 february 2023

Damini makes the way for find Mohan remaining there, he is stunned to see her in the dark dress when Damini figures now she would see who prevents him from becoming one with her, Mohan reluctantly says he believes he would proceed to rest in the visitor room, Damini answers her mom is dozing in the visitor room and Mohan himself said that the two of them wouldn’t cross the cutoff points so she guarantees that nothing out of sorts would occur, Damini makes sense of she purchased this dress for their special first night yet is just wearing it since every last bit of her garments have went for cleaning, she pulls Mohan inside inquiring as to whether he would stay remaining outside the room.

Written Update Radha Mohan 15 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Today Episode

Damini pulls Mohan, he is stunned seeing the adornments in the room so asks what is with this readiness when Damini answers that she can’t rest on account of Radha so attempted to make it minimal agreeable, Mohan seeing the petals inquires as to whether she would lay down with them on the bed, Mohan is going to hydrate yet Damini stops him making sense of the glass is messy so he should stand by as she will bring the water for him, Damini rapidly pours water and afterward adds the tablets in the glass while Mohan is pausing, she twirls them in the water making the tablets disintegrate so her arrangement is satisfied. Mohan asks what occurred, she gets paralyzed making sense of nothing has occurred and gives him the water, he drinks the whole glass in a solitary go seeing which she begins grinning, Damini inquires as to whether the two of them ought to celebrate it yet Mohan answers that he is truly worn out so is going to sleep.Radha is likewise dozing in the room, Damini inquires as to whether he is truly that attempted when Mohan answers he is without a doubt exceptionally attempted, he goes to set up the sheet material on the lounge chair yet begins feeling unusual, Damini grins figuring her arrangement will be satisfied, Mohan isn’t even ready to stand appropriately and by and by falls on the lounge chair, he isn’t even ready to see her appropriately, Damini rubs her hands around her shoulders, Mohan shouts he is truly lightheaded so considers leaving however falls similarly as he s session to stand, Damini begins grinning. Radha is resting in her room, Damini gradually strolls over to Mohan, and sitting adjacent to him asks what has occurred, he can’t express anything to her however at that point makes sense of he can’t comprehend the reason why his head is so mixed up, Damini says there is noticing to be stressed over as she will make sense of the whole circumstance, Mohan by and by requests some water, she guarantees of giving it to him and assists him with standing up, Damini taking Mohan towards the bed, compels him to rests on the bed while she is remaining over him. Damini gradually grasps his hand and les down next to him, as Mohan is oblivious, Damini attempts to kiss Mohan on the cheek.

Radha Mohan 18 february 2023 Written Update Today Episode

Radha is resting in her room when the individual in the dark dress gradually enters subsequent to opening the window, he shouts this is the perfect opportunity to satisfy their arrangement so strolls towards Radha while raisin his hand towards her.

Radha Mohan 15 February 2023 Written Update Today Episode Latest Spoiler Alerts 18 february 2023

Damini is exceptionally near Mohan btu he out of nowhere awakens driving Damini over the bed, she inquires as to for what reason is he calling Radha when she is likewise sick yet Mohan says that Radha needs his assistance, Damini answers even she wants his assistance as she feels there is a strain in her back, Mohan rises up to lave making sense of Radha needs his assistance, Damini anyway stops him by holding his left promising to not allow him to leave this room, Mohan requests that she let go of his feet however she demands so he hits her on the face and leaves.

Gungun is additionally dozing when Tulsi shouts that since Radha is sick so she would sit close to her, Tulsi begins singing the tune to Gungun so she stays sleeping calmly with practically no concern. Tulsi likewise begins crying while at the same time being alongside her little girl Gungun, yet she can’t contact her, Tulsi shouts that she had the opportunity to sing this tune after so many days, she realizes Gungun can’t rest without her Radha mother yet she realizes that her folks would meet up assuming they invest energy with one another, to this end even after anything Mohan did today she has left Radha with him and implores that everything is fine.

Mohan while strolling in the lobby calls to Radha making sense of he is coming to her, the individual in the dark dress gradually puts his hand on the keys that are put close to Radha, and in the wake of hearing somebody coming he gets truly strained so relinquishes the keys, Kaveri opens the entryway and she grins seeing Radha is as yet oblivious, Kaveri thinks she is happy that Radha is snoozing a direct result of the medication so the occupation of taking the keys is extremely basic, she considers taking the keys before the individual in the dark coast shows up, Kaveri gradually strolls to Radha subsequent to seeing the keys are set next to her, she figures out how to get the keys when Mohan calls Radha from outside the room, Kaveri gets frightened so tosses the keys. Mohan opens the entryway and is feeling quite a bit better to see that Radha is still sleeping, yet she is feeling cold and shuddering. Mohan sees it and by and by calls Radha, he locks the entryway seeing which Kaveri is worried.

Mohan steps on the toes of Kaveri however she is compelled to stay calm, Mohan inquires as to whether she is fine yet Radha is shuddering, he then sits adjacent to her on the bed after which Kaveri can inhale, Mohan begins scouring her hands saying ‘sorry’ for his mix-ups, Kaveri ponders where did she get caught so chooses to call her girl, Damini is likewise not ready to remain in that frame of mind because of the back aggravation, she gets disturbed pondering who is calling her right now in the mean time Mohan is simply bustling in dealing with Radha, Damini thinks she isn’t even ready to stand up because of the back aggravation. Kaveri feels that they are prepared to put their lives on risk yet their kids will generally leave them at the best time.

Kaveri ponders from where would it be a good idea for her she leave, she is paralyzed seen the individual in the dark coat likewise close to her concealing under the bed, she gets truly terrified as the individual signals her to stay peaceful and not make any kind of commotion. Kaveri is going to shout however the individual places his blade against her throat compelling her to remain quiet.

Mohan apologizes to Radha tolerating everything happened due to his mix-up as he constrained her to wash up in the virus water and she got so sick, he guarantees he wouldn’t allow anything to happen to her and improve everything. Mohan thinks she is truly shuddering however he is tipsy subsequent to standing up, he rests in the wake of strolling on the opposite side of the bed, the individual in the dark coat is truly stressed yet Kaveri can’t inhale as expected, she attempts to flag him to eliminate his hand, yet he doesn’t tune in. Mohan is making an honest effort to deal with Radha by scouring his hand around her arms, Mohan pulls Radha near him.

Precap: Radha is strolling in the lobby when she sees the individual in the dark coat leaving, she pulls him by his dress promising to not allow him to leave like this, she calls Mohan alongside the remainder of the family to come and see as somebody has broken into their house.

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