Radha Mohan 22 December 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Radha Mohan Written Update 22 December 2022

Radha is oblivious on the floor, Gungun is concerned considering how Damini has treated Radha, Damini sees Gungun remaining in the window so feels that it is the ideal opportunity for her to proceed to meet Radha, Gungun plans to call everybody as really at that time would she go into her room, Damini covers her face illuminating she would bring them assuming she arrived at down there.

Written Update Radha Mohan Today Episode

Mohan is playing out the customs of the wedding sitting in the Mandap anyway he is truly confounded, thinking how Radha said he should not wed Damini in the event that he cherished Tulsi, even Gungun shouted she never cherished Damini and could compose it a ton of times, Mohan imagines that occasionally life places them in such a condition that they can’t pass judgment on the off chance that they are doing the right things, Mohan apologizes to Radha figuring he couldn’t say whether what he is doing is correct or wrong yet he just realizes he should get married.Tulsi is irate to see Damini covering the substance of Gungun, she cautions her to not touch Gungun when Damini makes sense of she is a particularly small kid yet and still, at the end of the day is doing everything, she shouts even Bihari jee can’t stop this wedding as she would toss both Gungun and her Radha out of the house in the bag, Gungun attempts to run out of the room subsequent to gnawing her hand yet Damini figures out how to get hold of her dupatta, Gungun is terrified as Damini gradually strolls over to Gungun utilizing her dupatta, she by and by attempts to take off however at that point Damini remains before the entryway, Gungun attempts to call dad yet Damini shouts not him and Radha as she likes to invest energy with her so this is where she will go until the end of her lives, Tulsi compromises Damini of serious results on the off chance that she attempts to hurt Gungun.

Radha Mohan 17Th December 2022 Written Update Today Episode

Pandit jee shouts that now the ceremonies of the wedding has finished, Kadambari stoops to Mohan asking what has occurred, Mohan specifies he needs to converse with her, she inquires as to whether he wishes to talk at the present time, Mohan demands, he leaves the Mandap. Kadambari asks what has gotten into him right now and will he won’t wed Damini.

Radha Mohan Latest Spoiler Alerts 22 December 2022

Kadambari strolling with Mohan asks what occurred, he makes sense of that something wrong is going on, Mohan makes sense of he iss doing this wedding due to Gungun yet she is absent, he acknowledges that today is a propitious day for Damini yet he actually adores Tulsi, he acknowledges he would continuously feel disturbed by her name yet truly he is as yet not ready to fail to remember her and truly he found importance of life when she turned into his better half yet when he kicked the bucket he lost everything including the craving to live. Mohan makes reference to she realizes that Damini can never be like Tulsi and assuming somebody has given even the smallest indication it is Radha, Kadambari is paralyzed. Mohan makes sense of Gungun is absent in the wedding when he is doing this for her, Kadambari guarantees all in all nothing remains to be stressed over as she will proceed to chat with her so she can go to the wedding.

Damini is gradually strolling near Gungun who while making the stride in reverse falls on the rug, Damini has a go at coming to with her hands when Tulsi sees the Kankanchaura, she is truly terrified as Gungun attempts to choke Gungun anyway she pursues hitting her in the knee, Gungun is truly stressed over what she would do now, Damini questions how might she go out when the room is shut, Gungun hits her with the versus what breaks, Damini is significantly more furious.

Rahul shouts Mohan won’t ever decline to maa and this wedding would unquestionably happen not make any difference the amount anybody attempts to stop it, Ketki inquires as to whether he will say something different on the grounds that he can’t see the reality of Damini. Rahul indignantly inquires as to why she is continuously discussing Radha, Ajeet irately illuminates he additionally doesn’t need Mohan bhai to wed her, Rahul specifies they ought to make sensible cravings even the Mandap is prepared however and, after its all said and done they are anticipating the wedding to stop. Yet again ketki irately strolls away.

Damini makes an honest effort to get Gungun however she surges out of the room, Tulsi tosses a portion of the stones which makes her fall, Damini is incensed and attempts to stroll towards Gungun yet she in the wake of raising a ruckus around town of Radha hits her head against the picture, as a result of which she feels tipsy and falls oblivious on the floor. Gungun gets stressed. Tulsi focuses on Radha with a grin referencing in the event that this isn’t the adoration for Gungun as she in any event, being oblivious figured out how to save the existence of Gungun or that can say that both the moms saved the existence of their daughter.

Kaveri is making an honest effort to eliminate the bag when she makes the metal compartment fall, she gets frightened considering how it fell without help from anyone else, she thinks Tulsi has come here. Yet again damini has the Kankanchaura however she has no kind of insurance, she demands Tulsi what might she get in the wake of killing this defenseless and widow ladies so she should do nothing off-base, Kaveri gradually takes out he bag when the entryway begins moving, Kaveri drops it inquiring as to whether Tulsi thinks she is saying ‘sorry’ when it isn’t reality as she did nothing off-base, Kaveri guarantees she has no fight with Mohan, Tulsi or Gungun yet and still, at the end of the day in the event that she thinks Kaveri is to blame, she can hit her. Kaveri shuts her eyes yet when she sits idle, she thinks it implies that Tulsi isn’t here since, supposing that she was available then could never have passed on the opportunity to slap her. Kaveri ventures down in energy prior to running out with the suitcase.

Gungun in a mess goes into the room shouting Damini fell oblivious and Radha is on the right track to say that terrible individuals will generally endure a ton, she makes an honest effort to pull Radha anyway she can’t pull her, Gungun makes an honest effort seeing which Tulsi begins grinning. Gungun then, at that point, begins imploring Bihari jee, Tulsi additionally helps her, however Gungun feels alleviated she can pull Radha, Tulsi is grinning. Gungun says thanks to Bihari jee for aiding her so quickly.

Kaveri supplicates nobody see her in light of the fact that both Gungun and her mom don’t allow her to do anything without making an issue, she catchs Ketki who sees her asking where is she going with such a major sack, Kaveri attempts to answer yet Ketki specifies she wouldn’t reside in that frame of mind of her little girl after she gets marriage so is leaving, Kaveri shouts she would run in this house, however she is about to give the old garments as Damini would purchase new things after which every one of the old things and elderly folks individuals would leave, she leaves. Ketki ponders since when she has gotten so thoughtful to needy individuals since, in such a case that she had her direction then, at that point, would try and remove the garments which they are wearing.

Gungun makes an honest effort to wake Radha, however she doesn’t answer, Gungun consider calling dad, Tulsi likewise concurs with her. Gungun anyway quits reasoning she can’t call anybody in light of the fact that Radha is oblivious and in the event that she doesn’t awaken then how might she uncover reality and everybody could fault her for lying, Gungun thinks Damini is oblivious so couldn’t have the option to play out the ceremonies with father, she considers what else is there to do, Gungun goes to take a gander at Radha in the wake of reasoning of a plan.

Precap: Gungun is holding her mother’s photograph and says at whatever point Radha is with me, I feel like you are with me, if it’s not too much trouble, might I at any point make Radha my mom? Tulsi hears all that and says make her your mom. Gungun assists Radha with preparing as bride.

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