Radha Mohan 26 November 2022 Written Update Today Episode


Radha Mohan Written Update 26 November 2022

Radha’s hands contacts with that of Mohan as the ward young men remove the cot, Damini sees the garments so gets stressed thinking they are equivalent to of Radha anyway she considers how could it at any point be within the realm of possibilities, she disproves her thinking prior to returning to the hall.

Written Update Radha Mohan Today Episode

The ward kid in the wake of arriving at the entryway gets a call so the two of them choose to leave figuring they might in fact send another person to finish the conventions yet for the present need to arrive at the wedding, Radha begins swinging the cot with her hands while she is as yet covered, Kaveri gets frightened seeing her so shouts there would be a great deal of phantoms in this emergency clinic since a many individuals pass on, she while orbiting begins supplicating that she be saved, the specialist comes inquiring as to whether all is well to which she guarantees everything is good to go, Kaveri thinks she needs to initially quiet herself since, in such a case that the wedding doesnot happen then her girl would definitely never excuse her.The pandit jee is responding the Mantar when he illuminates they should rapidly call both the lady of the hour and lucky man if not the favorable time may be gone, Damini answers the wedding will occur right now as nothing out of sorts would occur, she strolls over to the Mandap with Mohan in the wheelchair, Radha is truly stressed seeing him.

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The Pandit jee begins the Mantar while Damini sits close to Mohan in the Mandap, she figures she would at last be hitched to him and there isn’t anything which anybody can do, Pandit jee asks them both to play out the custom of Varmala, Radha considers how might she stop this marriage, on the off chance that she gets up, Kadambari would have her tossed out of the emergency clinic, Damini satisfies the custom, Radha implores that he ought not be defenseless to such an extent that she can’t do anything since she needs to stop this marriage.

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Damini takes the Varmala to Mohan, Ajeet questions how Mohan will satisfy the custom when he is oblivious, Damini places the Varmala in the possession of Mohan while she personally finishes the custom. Kaveri assists her as they with finishing it. Yet again radha in the mean time conceals under the cot, Shekar is likewise truly worried.

Rahul begins constraining Ketki requesting that she head inside, Tulsi slaps Rahul when he asks Ketki slapped him without thinking he is her sibling, Ketki answers she didn’t slap him when Rahul inquires as to whether there is a phantom, Tulsi in the middle between them both shouting on the off chance that he attempts to hurt them both, would see what she is competent off, Rahul leaving the house shuts the entryway, Tulsi can’t pass the security safeguard Ketki and Gungun both solicitation him to open the entryway, Ketki requests that Gungun come so the two of them run towards the indirect access anyway Rahul likewise closes it, figuring today Damini and Mohan would certainly be married.

Pandit jee trains the man of the hour to fill the Mang of Damini, Radha feels that Mohan jee wouldn’t just fill her Mang yet ruin as long as he can remember, Damini fills the Mang in the possession of Mohan, she is terrified when he begins moving his hand and feet, Damini can’t eliminate his hand which likewise stresses Radha who asks why she halted. Kadambari trains Damini to finish the custom, Damini attempts er best to lift the hand however she thinks they need a few hours for the wedding so what might occur in the event that he awakens before it, Kadambari likewise asks what has occurred while the specialist goes to check him, he makes sense of the beat of Mohan jee is getting powerless and they would need to give him an infusion. The specialist makes sense of he would doubtlessly bring him back yet Kadambari says he can give the infusion here as it isn’t on the right track to take the lucky man from the Mandap, Damini teaches the Pandit who guarantees it’s anything but a transgression when they need to defy the guidelines in a question of desperation, Kadambari consents to his choices when the specialist begins to leave with Mohan, Damini educates him to give the infusion yet he answers he guaranteed he wouldn’t matter it, Radha considers what are the two of them referring to, she makes certain there is something off-base so promises to arrive at there prior to anything wrong happens.

The specialist alongside the ward kid leaves with Mohan, he arriving at the corridor trains the ward kid to leave while he personally would take the patient.

Damini remaining in the Mandap messages Parthap to send Mohan back after rapidly administrating the infusion, saying there ought not be any slip-ups. Parthap consents to it, the specialist comes to with Mohan in the room when Parthap gives him the needle and medication, the specialist subsequent to filling it makes sense of he should regulate the infusion. Parthap is going to infuse it when the specialist says he should initially head outside, Parthap questions why he got terrified with only this one infusion, the specialist leaves answering he saves lives yet never takes cash to kill anybody, Parthap is going to control the infusion, Damini figures there ought not be any mix-ups any other way her arrangement would be ruined.

Kaveri is strolling in the corridor asking why Damini want a milkshake, she doesnot realize that there are phantoms in this medical clinic, Radha while looking for the room of Mohan arrives at a similar lobby and is remaining behind Kaveri, she gets frightened of her, Kaveri turns shouting it is the right path.

Parthap shouts Mohan truly beat the hell out of him yet presently the time has come to bid farewell, Radha while looking for the right room asks for what reason is she not ready to view as the right one, she sees the characteristics of the wheelchair in the room and rapidly surges inside, Parthap is stunned to see her remaining before his eyes, Radha gest truly strained yet Parthap makes an honest effort to infuse it anyway Radha hits him in the head with a metal plate prior to making an honest effort to leave with Mohan anyway Parthap figures out how to close the entryway, shouting she figured out how to be saved from the bomb yet this time will pass on since the individual who generally safeguards her is unconscious.

Damini considers what is taking him such a long time to direct the infusion, Kadambari educates Ajeet to proceed to check Radha, he is stunned saying he encouraged her to not toss her outside, Kadambari gazes at him when he shouts that he is going.

Radha figures out how to hit Parthap with the wheelchair making him fall, she remains over him putting her leg over his chest addressing who send him, Damini gets truly stressed for what reason is it taking such a long time, Parthap is going to specify the name of the individual who send her.

Precap: Radha battle against the hooligan to save Mohan. The hooligan says prior to killing him, I’ll kill you and slaps her firmly, he drives her away and blends poison in Mohan’s insulin. Radha gets scared.

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